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Dishonest and undemocratic

The school voucher bill, SB 130, is likely to be added soon to the NH State Budget by the Senate Finance Committee, in spite of the fact that not one person testified in favor of this move at that committee’s budget hearing last week, and many testified against it. Why? Because the bill ...

Special ordering of intimate image bill

Last year, I sponsored a bill, establishing the crime of unsolicited disclosure of an intimate image. I had seen that Texas and NYC had established similar bans, and as a victim of harassment via intimate images, I was excited to be in a position where I could sponsor similar legislation.The ...


There are some elected and un-elected U.S. government officials, who are expected to represent the will of the people, the true sovereign of the United States, but instead seek to control the people. Why? They do not believe the people can recognize what is best for them, and by imposing ...

Support public schools

The public doesn’t want vouchers. A national group is shoving this down New Hampshire Senators’ throats and they should beware and gag. NHGOP Senators will undermine public schools with a massive voucher bill, SB130, which they are expected to roll into the budget to avoid legitimate ...

Did anyone notice

Did anyone notice that both Reps. (Annie) Kuster and (Chris) Pappas voted for HR-1, effectively eliminating New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary law. I wonder how that will sit with voters of our state?

N.H. House should support SB95

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everybody’s lives. To minimize the spread of the disease and safeguard the health of our fellow citizens, we have had to adapt and reexamine the ways in which we learn, assemble, and do business. To that end, this past year the business of local and state ...