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Nobody Delivers the Nashua Market Better!

The Telegraph connects you with more local customers than any other source in Southern New Hampshire. Located on the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border just 35 miles northwest of Boston, the Nashua area offers an attractive location for retailers, manufacturers and high-tech companies.

Print & Specialty Advertising

The Telegraph has been the trusted source for local news and information in southern New Hampshire nearly two centuries.

Our powerful reach, which has grown to more than 100,000 print and online readers, allows you to speak directly to more Southern New Hampshire adults in one day than any competing weekly, daily or Sunday newspaper. The Telegraph is the area's No. 1 source for news and information.*

The Telegraph offers an exciting array of print and digital opportunities, including its weekly Sunday flagship edition, multiple other weekly publications (The Cabinet in Milford, the Hollis Brookline Sunday Select and the Merrimack Sunday Select), a host of niche publications and a quarterly magazine.
*Belden Associates 2008

Call (603) 594-1240 or email adsales@nashuatelegraph.com

Retail Advertising

Did you know?

• The Telegraph has 100,000 readers
• Reach- 60% of all adults in the Nashua Demographic Market
• Median Age - 46 years & 70% are under 54 years
• Our readers are 50% male & 47% female
• 73% of readers attended college
• 82% own their home
• The average household income is $71,300



General Information

• All print, inprint and preprint dollars count toward dollar volume contracts.
• All rates are per column inch net.
• Rate is applicable for The Telegraph and Encore.
• All ROP ads are displayed online at www.nashuatelegraph.com/classifieds
• Ad size minimum for frequency contracts and pickup discounts is four inches.
• Guaranteed placement requires 25% surcharge.
• Nonprofit (501c) organizations qualify for the $5,000 rate.

Call (603) 594-1240 or email adsales@nashuatelegraph.com

Specialty Products

Click here to view a list of our Specialty Products.

Submission Guidelines & General Policies

Mechanical Requirements

ROP 1.583" 3.266" 4.949" 6.632" 8.315" 10.00"      
Classified 1.022" 2.144" 3.266" 4.388" 5.51" 6.632" 7.754" 8.876" 10.00"

• Offset printing process - ROP format.
• Halftones - 85 line screen.
• Full page image areas: Broadsheet - 10.25" x 20.25" Tabloid - 10.25" x 10.0".
• Color - CYMK
• PDF - All fonts embedded, color elements as CYMK, black text as true black or greyscale


• The deadline for the weekly Sunday Telegraph is noon each Tuesday for non-camera-ready advertisements. The deadline for camera-ready advertisements is noon each Wednesday.
• The deadline for classified, help wanted, recruitment and legal advertisements is noon each Wednesday.
• The deadline for obituaries for The Sunday Telegraph is 8 p.m. each Wednesday.
• The Telegraph provides ad layout services at no additional charge.
• For proof, please submit copy ideas at least 24 hours prior to deadline.
• Photography services may require an additional fee. Email adsales@nashuatelegraph.com or call to reserve space prior to submitting copy.

Call (603) 594-1240 or email adsales@nashuatelegraph.com

Commission & Terms of Payment

TERMS NET: All accounts are due and payable upon presentation. A FINANCE CHARGE OF 1½% per month, (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 18%), will be assessed on all accounts overdue 30 days from billing date and such assessment shall continue until balance is paid.
MINIMUM FINANCE CHARGE OF $.50 per month. The advertiser is liable for collection costs including reasonable attorney’'s fees and other legal expenses and costs incurred in the collection of delinquent accounts.
CREDIT: Prepayment is required until new advertisers establish credit.
CONTRACT: Advertisers failing to fulfill any contract with The Telegraph will be charged retroactively to the actual earned rate.

General Policy

RATES: Subject to adjustment with 30 days notice.
ACCEPTANCE: The forwarding of an order and/or advertising copy for publication is construed as an unqualified acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising space is sold by the publisher at that time.
COPY: The publisher reserves the right to edit advertising copy or reject advertisements wholly or in part.
ERRORS: The Telegraph assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising or for omissions, or failure for any reason to insert an advertisement affecting its value. In the case of typographical errors the newspaper shall not be responsible beyond the first insertion.
CANCELLATION: Ads cancelled after deadline will be charged for space ordered.
ADVERTISER RESPONSIBILITY: The advertiser agrees to assume sole responsibility for statements contained in its advertisement and indemnifies The Telegraph against any and all liability, loss or expense arising at or claims for libel, unfair trade practice, unfair competition, infringement of trademarks, names or patents, copyrights and proprietary rights and all violations of the right of privacy resulting from the publication of the advertiser’'s copy.
SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY: The Telegraph reserves the right to refuse all sequential liability claims. We hold the advertising agency themselves responsible for payment of ads run in good faith on behalf of their customers.


Call (603) 594-1240 or email adsales@nashuatelegraph.com