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Horoscopes by Holiday for July 2

History can be your best teacher, but with the current antics of Mercury, history is more like the teacher who passes out a test then hides out in the lounge. Recalling the past can be tricky and making meaning out of it even trickier, but valiant efforts will keep you from repeating past ...

Today in History: July 2, Amelia Earhart disappears

Today is Saturday, July 2, the 183rd day of 2022. There are 182 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On July 2, 1937, aviator Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to make the first round-the-world flight along the ...

Greater Nashua Flashback

The quality of this old photo of a bunch of bicyclists is suspect at best, but results like this were probably fairly common among late-19th century photographers, given the primitive equipment they had to lug around and spend forever setting up. But what it does show is an early version of the ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for July 3

As the conflict between Mercury and Neptune dissipates, the moon assists the cooldown with a grounded earth energy. Virgo lunar vibes are nurturing and practical – a solid balance to the fireworks of high emotion, as well as the fireworks of actual fireworks going off in anticipation of ...