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Black Friday rush gets too crazy

Today's Sound Off centers on Black Friday. Dear Heloise: I hate Black Friday. Yes, there are a lot of great sales to lure customers into the various stores, but I still hate the crazy rush and sometimes the fighting that goes on when two or more customers want the one remaining big screen ...

Supplements taken at lower doses won’t adversely affect health

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a healthy 46-year-old woman who exercises daily for health, strength and stress relief. I also want to stay relatively lean. In order to maintain muscle mass and control fat, I've been advised consistently (by a Ph.D. nutritionist and a couple of "nutrition coach" trainers) ...

Husband’s illness is taking a toll on me

Dear Annie: I have been married for almost 20 years. My husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a year ago, but I suspect that's what was going on with him for many years prior to the official diagnosis. He is also an alcoholic. Our marriage has deteriorated due to not only the ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for Nov. 28

Mars and Saturn align to test our social skills and advance the interests of those who test well. The secret to people is simple: They want to feel important and will gravitate to getting their need of status and attention met. Figuring out what helps another person feel tended to is the tricky ...