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Horoscopes by Holiday for Sept. 24

Harvest and High Holidays Coinciding with the start of Libra season is Yom Kippur, beginning at sundown tonight. This is considered the holiest day in Judaism and a time of atonement, repentance and forgiveness. Long ago, harvest festivals on the equinox would continue for days, with the ...

Air conditioner gets deep cleaning

Dear Heloise: I always thought that I just needed to clean the filter in my small air conditioner unit monthly with a vacuum until I read the user manual for it. After removing the front panel, I realized that more extensive cleaning needed to be done; there was quite a bit of dust and grime in ...

Electrical shock normalizes heart’s rhythm for those with AFib

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in January 2012. I am aware of when it comes by how I feel -- a little out of sorts, but no shortness of breath, chest pain or light-headedness. Consulting with my app on my smart watch confirms the same. I am taking bisoprolol and ...

Brother Worries About Farming Sister

Dear Annie: My sister and her husband are both in their mid-80s and live on a farm. He is disabled. They insist on retaining horses and livestock, which my frail 90-pound sister feeds daily. On a recent visit, I observed her moving amongst the animals without her hearing aids and without her ...