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Hints From Heloise for Aug. 3

Today's Sound Off is about planning a wedding: Dear Heloise: My fiance and I want a small, intimate wedding in mid-October. Neither of us has been married before (I'm 28 and my fiance is 31), but we feel a large wedding is just not for us. We want an evening ceremony of no more than 70 people. ...

Let her do it her way

Dear Annie: Every year, my sister organizes a family reunion, which is held at a local botanical garden the weekend after Labor Day. She reserves the location and coordinates the food. There are usually 60-70 people, and the adults are assigned to "setup," "serving" or "tear-down/cleanup" ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for Aug. 3

When you're making choices for yourself, the answer doesn't have to be objectively optimal, it only has to be a good fit. One person's good decision is another person's disastrous choice. Considering the difficult square between Mars and Jupiter, the shortest route to creating harmony may be ...

If atrial fibrillation is on and off, why are meds full time?

DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm a male, 71, with a bovine aortic value that was installed 11 years ago. I went into atrial fibrillation six years ago and had an electric shock to stop it. That lasted a week, and was followed by an ablation, which kept me out of atrial fibrillation for five years. I went ...

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Frank & Ann celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Frank & Ann Farr of Milford are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They have raised three kids and have 6 grandchildren. Something they have taught us all, is what it means to be in a relationship and to continue to have it grow. Family has always come first. Wishing you many ...

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Kristen Morin and Michael Germaske

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morin of Brookline, NH are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Kristen Morin to Michael Germaske, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Germaske of Somerset, NJ. Kristen and Michael are 2012 graduates of the University of New Hampshire, where the two met. Kristen is ...

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