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Impact on prices

By Steve Wallerstein - Raymond | Nov 5, 2022

Leavitt and Bolduc and Sununu say the state should be involved with women’s health decisions, except when it’s time to lower drug prices. They also claim that inflation is due to the Democrats. That’s false. Prices are higher because our economy is dependent on oil and natural gas. The Big Oil companies blame the war with Russia for higher costs, but they made $30 Billion last quarter. And they shipped millions of gallons of US liquefied natural gas to Europe. They sell where they want and they charge what they want. Gov. Sununu made things worse. Small businesses got hurt by Sununu locking down our economy for a year. And our electric rates have gone up because the Public Utility Commissioners that Sununu appointed voted for that increase. Leavitt and Bolduc want to end Social Security. How will that impact your ability to keep up with price increases? If you don’t need that extra $1,500 a month, vote for them.


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