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Greater Nashua

Nashua man accused of shooting at a vehicle in ‘road rage’ incident

NASHUA -- A 25-year-old Nashua man is facing a felony-level reckless conduct charge in connection with a "road rage" episode, during which he allegedly fired a gun at the other vehicle, police said. Jacob Finley, of 32 Hanover St., was arrested within an hour of the incident, which summoned ...

Negligent homicide indictment handed up in 2019 drowning death of 1-year-old

MANCHESTER -- Two years after a 1-year-old child drowned in a motel bathtub while in his care, 25-year-old Zachary Conway has been indicted on a charge of negligent homicide, police said Monday. Conway, who police said is currently in custody in another state on unrelated charges, was taking ...

Colin Powell: A trailblazing legacy, blotted by Iraq war

WASHINGTON (AP) — A child of working-class Jamaican immigrants in the Bronx, Colin Powell rose from neighborhood store clerk to warehouse floor-mopper to the highest echelons of the U.S. government. It was a trailblazing American Dream journey that won him international acclaim and ...