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Crisis building in the U.S. electricity system

There is a gathering storm over the nation’s electric supply. What has been described as the world’s biggest machine, the U.S. electricity system, is stressed — and that stress will increasingly affect reliability. That means sporadic blackouts, some extensive. While the nation won’t ...

The Beatles and Sen. Strom Thurmond

America changed after Ed Sullivan presented the Beatles on his TV variety show. The Sullivan broadcast on February 9, 1964, represented a cultural change. Politics changed as some elected officials paid more attention to the views of younger voters. Old customs, like racial segregation, were ...

Congress must investigate SEC’s market-moving crypto X post

The primary responsibility of the Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair markets and facilitate capital formation. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler failed to live up to that mission with the recent controversy surrounding the SEC’s Bitcoin exchange-traded fund ...

AI will boost productivity, even make movies with the dead

Advanced countries can expect a huge boost in productivity from artificial intelligence. In my view, it will set the stage for a new period of prosperity in the developed world — especially in the United States. Medicine will take off as never before. Life expectancy will rise by a third. ...