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Who not to blame for high gasoline prices

Whenever the price at the pump increases, so does the finger-pointing, but much of the blame game over high gasoline prices is neither accurate nor fair and, most important, won’t lead to real solutions. Here are several false targets of America’s anger at record prices: Gas Station ...

Shrinkflation — on steroids

The term “shrinkflation” emerged in the business media during the summer of 2021. What is shrinkflation? According to Investopedia, “shrinkflation is the reduction in the size of a product in response to rising production costs or market competition.” For a company’s competitive ...

Cheating in college is big business and a big problem

It may surprise you to learn that academic cheating — the business of gaining unfair or unauthorized advantage during a test or on a course assignment — is actually a business. Around the world, companies are making billions of dollars selling test answers, trading tests, hawking ...

Why Disney’s culture wars will get worse

The culture wars have taken their shots on Disney. It’s a direct hit! They’ve been forced to become a political voice against policies their consumers supposedly despise. Disney faces a tug of war over corporate values. It is taking a knee for opposing sides of the value equation. It’s ...