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Will Biden continue to weaponize the Department of Justice?

Before the election, President Biden declared that the Department of Justice would assign federal observers in 64 jurisdictions to look out for violations of the Voting Rights Act and other federal laws. In theory, these individuals were tasked with protecting the integrity of the electoral ...

Reform the exploited 340B program now

The 340B program is a prime example of public policy gone wrong. The original intent of the program was good, but based on current results, the program is flawed and is in desperate need of reform. Created in 1992 to allow hospitals to buy discounted drugs from manufacturers with the ...

Understanding the moral panic surrounding Section 230

Why are people calling for Section 230 to be repealed? Former president Donald Trump was an outspoke critic of Section 230. President Biden is also a critic. Both presidents have their reasons. But the one thing that both presidents miss is their total mischaracterization of how information ...

The long and short of Christmas

Not the least delight for a foreigner going to live in the United States for the first time was the seasonal proximity of Thanksgiving to Christmas. Winter months were ballasted by two turkey feasts, moments of greed and glory for this newly arrived European. What luxury — “with all the ...