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Longo: Sorry, but I deem golf courses ‘essential,’ especially in these awful times

By Hector Longo | Mar 28, 2020

With all due respect to Governor Sununu, I have to claim foul on this


Look, the guy is under serious duress with this pandemic, I am not trying to cheapshot him. But did he have to deem the Granite State’s golf courses as


The order came down, and the New Hampshire Golf Association has


The golf folks responded on Friday at their website with the news that can only be stated as sad:

“At this time, the NHGA understands that per Emergency Order #17, golf course maintenance will be permitted but all golf courses are deemed to be non-essential and will be closed effective 11:59pm. We appreciate the support of our allied organizations, our member clubs, and our members as we advocated for the game during this incredibly challenging time. The safety and health of our members continues to be paramount and we urge all of our member clubs to comply with the Emergency Order. We will continue our advocacy efforts in the hope that all of our clubs are back up and running as soon as is practicable. Please continue to remain safe and reach out to the NHGA with any questions.”

Look, I get it. People are dying and our handicaps don’t matter.

But how about the sanity of the populace?

Can I describe my non-work life over the past two weeks? It’s probably a lot like yours.

Wake up, eat. Walk the dogs, eat. Listen to Felger and Mazz, eat. Turn on Trump’s early-evening daily standup routine, eat.


Golf offers another option, a healthy, viable option for all who play.

You get to speak to folks from a socially acceptable distance. There is no contact. With the way I spray the ball, I’m everywhere my partners are not.

Nobody touches the flag stick. No rakes in the bunkers. No driving carts.

No shared oxygen.

How is this wrong? Heck, if you were worried about contact in the pro shop, close it.

Let the transaction take place on line. But don’t tell me that golf courses could not be essential in these trying times.


are caving

One of the few holdouts in the entertainment world, race tracks, have fought the good fight. I would not be the least surprised if that all ends this weekend.

On Friday, Santa Anita Race Track was the latest to succumb to the outside pressure and closed its doors.

That leaves less then a handful still running without fans nationally: Gulfstream, Tampa Bay, Oaklawn and Golden Gate Fields.

The gut feeling here is that Gulfstream will surrender after Saturday, Florida Derby Day. They will give out the Rainbow Pick 6 and go on hiatus.

The others are sure to follow quickly and we shall soon be left with nothing.

Hector Longo can be reached at 594-1253 or via email: Hlongo



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