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Count him in as a Cam Newton man

By Hector Longo - Staff Writer | Mar 24, 2020

The market suits Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

And we’re not talking the decimated Dow, NASDAQ or even your local Hannaford’s.

It’s the National Football League’s quarterback market, which is now deep and rich with potential reclamation projects onto which Belichick could latch.

As of Tuesday, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco and Jameis Winston are unsigned. Meanwhile, Andy Dalton remains unwanted in Cincinnati, Derek Carr stands in limbo with Las Vegas and Alex Smith, who may or may not be broken, remains a man laced with intrigue.

The landing zones have closed, or are at least closing fast. Don’t you think Belichick wants one on the cheap?

For my money, pennies on the dollar, I’m high on Newton, the former Carolina Panther.

Why? He had the best previous career of them all.

Like the rest of these guys, Newton has taken a beating. He’s had multiple surgeries for sure, the latest on his foot.

Newton grew out of favor quickly in Carolina. A former three-time Pro Bowler, folks in Panther Country watched Newton’s less than heroic effort to not fall on his own fumble in Super Bowl 50 and they’ve not been happy with Newton since.

Can’t you toss him a mulligan for that “effort?”

Maybe his surgically repaired shoulders just screamed, “Don’t!” and Newton listened.

The bottom line is he’s the best quarterback out there. Savvy, he’s not throwing 30 TDs. He’s the king of the sneak, a la Tom Brady, and of course, he knows how to check down and get the ball to his running backs.

Just ask the best of all Panthers — Christian McCaffrey.

I’m not talking about opening the vault for Newton. He’s made plenty of cash, over $121 million in the league according to overthecap.com.

Baseline. Cam, would you like to keep playing? For a potential champion and the game’s best coach?

Here’s $1.5 million per.

It makes for a heck a much more interesting season this fall than it would with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer.

Cam is my man. Now, we’ll see if Bill sees it my way.


Not trying to laugh about this or make light of anyone’s injuries, but — Don’t the New York Mets have to be ecstatic to be paying Noah Syndegaard a mere $9.7 million for his “Tommy John Surgery” season? The Red Sox are on the hook for $31 million to watch Chris Sale convalesce from his.

Gotta love big league baseball. …

Every time Hall of Fame QB/boob Terry Bradshaw opens his mouth, he brands himself as an imbecile.

“I know Belichick can win without Brady, I don’t know that Brady can win without Belichick.”

Really? Belichick without Tom Brady at QB? 54-63. With Tom Brady at QB? 219-64.

So, Terry, knowing that Brady was 20-5 as a starter at Michigan, what the heck are you babbling about? …

And finally, wouldn’t some organization like NASCAR or the PGA or the Pro Bowler’s Tour, or whoever, step up and let their events go on right away without fans, as long as the combatants kept their social distance?

TV needs sports right now. We need sports right now. Anything, please!


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