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Celtics need to shake off fourth-quarter nightmares

By Alan Greenwood - Staff Writer | Mar 12, 2020

Alan Greenwood

Tuesday night’s decision went to the Celtics, but calling it a win would be laughable.

There is something about this team that cannot be fully explained in pure basketball terms. There is no team out there more fully incapable of protecting a big lead.

Ahead by 16 points with less than one quarter to play should be considered comfortable. Ahead by 16 points with less than one quarter to play against the Pacers should be a gimme.

Nothing against Indiana; it is a solid, if unspectacular 39-26.

Surely it is a team the Celtics should be able to handle in a playoff series, if the Celtics are as good as we’d like to believe they are.

But as happens all too often, the Celtics disappeared long enough for the Pacers to go on a 21-2 run. Playing at that level against the Bucks, the Celtics’ next scheduled opponent-the league has put the season on hold for now, due to the coronavirus.

With no better explanation available, we suggest that it is the Curse of Rick Pitino. Is there anyone in the franchise’s history responsible for more nightmares than Pitino?

TAMPA BAY? Wednesday’s brush fire in the ever-droning Tom Brady watch is a report that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are willing to pony up all of Tampa and St. Petersburg to acquire Tom Brady’s services.

If Brady is willing to finish his career with the Bucs, it would be a sure sign that the market for a 42-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback is not exactly as robust as the GOAT’s entourage would like us to believe.

SAVE THE BUCK! A letter landed here Wednesday with unhappy news for those of us who occasionally like to hack there way through a quick nine holes of golf.

Apparently Buckmeadow, a modest but budget-friendly course, is about to be sold to the town of Amherst. Presumably, the town might not be interested in putting itself in the golf business.

As stated in the letter, “Would be great to get some public pressure to save one of the few, more affordable golf courses in the area.”

Not sure if it is too late or not, but anyone wishing to put in their two cents should do so now.

TIME TRAVEL: March 12, 1955 – “Paced by Dick Piwowarski’s 32 points, the Nashua Granites walloped the YMCA Seniors, 79-50, last night at the Y gym.

“Harry Kierstead was runner-up in the Granite scoring with 23 markers, while Scott with 17 was top man for the losers. A 28-point second-period barrage gave the winners a 38-20 halftime lead and they then coasted to the win.”

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