Tom Brady getting bad advice from his agent

There are some extremely fortunate, talent-challenged folks in this world. Late night host Jimmy Fallon and NFL Network voice Rich Eisen immediately leap to mind.

But can someone please explain Tom Brady’s agent/adviser Don Yee to me?

This guy had to have made some kind of deal with the devil. He has caused nothing but harm to Brady’s career, and even deep into his 40s, the pounding continues.

Yee is entrusted with turning this unique, Brady free-agent situation into a positive for his client. He’s supposed to be directing Brady, not just to one, final football mega pay day, but into the glorious last years of the greatest career in sports history.

Like his performance in past contract negotiations for TB12 and his advice through the crazy “deflategate” suspension, Yee is again letting Brady down.

He’s butchering his client.

It just feels like with every move Brady makes – whom he talks to on Instagram or what rumors he chooses to leak to the media – he adds another level of villain to his sports resume.

Those who love Brady, the esteemed New England football hooligans, have begun to turn on their man.

The reason? Yee is making Brady almost deplorable.

Brady’s Carrier Dome appearance over the weekend, his mumbling with Julian Edelman and anything that came out of that staged ESPN performance bordered on despicable.

New England is begging for real information. The wait until the free-agent period commences on March 16 has been and will be excruciating.

Yee and Brady have chosen to stoop to subterfuge, launching a regular spate of social media-driven propaganda.

Bill Belichick is being mean. The Patriots don’t want Brady. Lots of teams are out there. Mike Vrabel will take him. Vegas, baby. Vegas.

Pick a lie, any lie.

It’s so non-Brady. So again, I have to blame Yee.

Honestly, if Brady simply kept things quiet and decided on March 16 that Tampa Bay was the place to be, he’d be nothing but heralded around here.

But he’s had to break “news” daily.

Did the Bradys buy a house in Vegas? Does Gisele like LA? Are the kids in school anywhere?

Why is Brady alienating us all?

Tom Brady owes nothing to those of us here in New England. If he wants to leave, go right ahead. Be happy. After all you’ve brought us? Go for it.

But your agent is working way too hard. He was tiresome years ago during “Deflategate” when he had you toss the cell phone into the Charles.

These days, he’s just flat-out painful. And you don’t need it. Neither do we.

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