Maybe Brady should put his acting career on hold

Alan Greenwood

It seems highly unlikely that there are not even a few folks out there who feel this way. We also share a queasy feeling that comes with being disappointed by someone who has been more than admirable for the better part of 20 years.

But, for a working scribe, this isn’t personal, it’s just the business of seeing a sports icon making himself look like a jackass.

So, here goes:

Tom Brady needs a rhetorical slap up-side the head.

Brady, a never-resting money machine, made a buck or two doing a cameo appearance on a TV show produced for Netflix.

Anyone wanting greater detail on the show itself will have to look for it from someone who doesn’t live under a cultural rock.

Brady’s quick cameo consisted of him walking out of what looks like a massage spa, located in a strip mall, then climbing into a limousine.

If that image doesn’t ring a bell, it is not unlike Robert Kraft’s pre-AFC Championship Game ritual in Florida. That foray led to Kraft’s solicitation charge.

On Saturday, Brady addressed the the media hoard.

“I think that was taken out of context,” Brady said. “It was meant to be something different than that. The fact that it’s a distraction and you’re bringing it up is not something I want to be talking about.”

Brady went on a rant over the “blame-and-shame” media who are out to get him, get Kraft, get the Patriots and get anyone who has anything to do with any of them.

“I think there’s a lot of things that are said that are taken out of context that you choose to make a headline out of as opposed to understand what it’s actually about,” Brady said.

Blaming one’s foibles on those who report on them is a very convenient outlet for a celebrity whose public image needs to stay clean as a whistle. Everyone hates the messenger, particularly when the message concerns one of the masses’ heroes.

Brady sounded very much like a man who agreed to do something for a quick buck, noticed the uproar it created and lined up the media like a pro bowler who needs to roll a strike.

He said he had no idea what the scene would look like because he performed it in front of green screen, which allows film makers to make it look like Superman really is flying from skyscraper to skyscraper.

OK; but did Brady have zero interest in what he was going to be doing?

If that is the case, Brady really needs to give himself the sort of scolding he gave reporters.

TIME TRAVEL: Oct. 22, 1984 – “The scouts standing just outside the end zones were having a field day.

“Mark Choate had just scored from the one-yard line to give the Nashua High School football team its fifth and final touchdown in a 41-6 blowout of Keene.

“Choate picked himself up from the bottom of the pile and returned to the huddle for the kick attempt. Ho, hum. Just another day at the office.

“They’re emotionless, one scout said. “They’re a scoring machine,” said another.

The main cog in that scoring machine, John Rank, ran for 156 yards (100 in the first quarter) on 14 carries

Great football team. Nashua won the Division I title that season with a 17-14 overtime win over Portsmouth.

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