Greenwood: Belichick’s vibe a tad scary these days

Alan Greenwood

There swirls an odd vibe from the Patriots this week. It mainly emanates from that master vibe killer, Bill Belichick.

When asked Wednesday about Demaryius Thomas’ public criticism of his treatment by the Patriots (i.e., Belichick), the ever-chilly GOAT melted into a puddle of candor. Or as close to candor as he has ever been in his 20-year reign.

“Look, Demaryius is a great kid. I have a ton of respect for him,” Belichick said. “He’s very professional, and he did everything we asked him to do. Our circumstances changed a couple of times in that period leading up to when he was traded. I felt like I was always truthful with him, but things changed and therefore, what I said was not the same as what I had said previously. So it is what it is.”

Translated: Belichick admitted that he screwed up.

And when is the last time that happened? If anyone wants to hide for a few months and do the research on that, let us know when you have found gold or died trying.

Further translation: Belichick may have come to peace with the fact that hauling Antonio Brown in here wasn’t the best hunch he ever played.

Is Thomas more talented than Brown? No.

Was Thomas less likely to drag the Patriots organization through a swamp of nastiness? Infinitely so.

The bottom line is that Thomas would be playing for them Monday night instead of playing for the Jets.

Even if Brown had a life-changing epiphany and stayed with the Pats, it wouldn’t have hurt to have them both on the roster.

Belichick chose to dump Thomas and bring on Brown. Before anyone says this is classic second guessing, it said here on the day Brown signed that it was a bad call.

So, Tom Brady, already scowling his way through the work weeks for lack of targets and inept protection, will risk life and limb tomorrow night with Julian Edelman and a cast of wannabes.

TIME TRAVEL: Oct. 21, 1954 – “The injury bugaboo struck at Buzz Harvey’s Nashua High football charges again yesterday and put halfback Johnny Warner on the sideline and possibly on the bench for Sunday’s meeting with the Purple’s traditional rival, Manchester Central.

“The right halfback is the third regular backfield man to be placed on the casualty list since Saturday’s (win over Concord.

“… Harvey gave no indication who the replacements might be, but in the event the three regulars might have to sit out the Central tilt, announcement of the of the revised backfield will have to be a last-minute decision.”

Ol’ Buzz was using the Belichick method before Belichick was old enough to snort into a microphone.

RESTED AND NOT READY: Since the Washington Nationals swept the St. Louis Cardinals, prevailing wisdom has it that they will benefit greatly by having a week off as the Astros and Yankees settle their differences.

And then there is the very plausible theory that the last thing a hot ballclub wants is extended time off.

Ask the 2007 Colorado Rockies, riding high into the playoffs and torching the National League, how much it helped them as they got swept by the Red Sox.

Ballplayers are creatures of habit. Getting a week off is not routine.

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