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Rule No. 1 for NFL football: Settle on your quarterback

By Tom King | Oct 5, 2019

Who’s your quarterback?

If you don’t know, then you’re in big trouble at any level, but even more so in the National Football League.

So pity the horrendous Washington Redskins this weekend. Earlier this week, they seemed to have absolutely no clue as to who their quarterback should be for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots, let alone going forward.

And that’s why, well, they stink. Their choices were awful.

They’d like to think that rookie Dwayne Haskins, of one year of Ohio State fame, is the answer. He certainly wasn’t in his pro debut against the Giants last week, and there was a report that Washington head coach Jay Gruden didn’t even want the team to draft the kid.

Case Keenum has been both hurt and terrible – six turnovers in six quarters – and he fooled us all two years ago in Minnesota. And you keep hearing Colt McCoy is the best of the lot, and he isn’t supposed to be completely healthy yet after suffering a broken leg last year.

So still want to complain about Tom Brady’s tough couple of games lately?

The Redskins aren’t the only ones in a QB conundrum. Until medical tests ruled him out, the Jets didn’t know whether they wanted to send Sam Darnold’s spleen out there in a suit of armor behind a weak offensive line or put people to sleep against the Eagles with backup to the backup Luke Falk. Falk it is once again. Ugh.

So when Gruden earlier this week was asked about his QB plan, he said, while qualifying that with the fact they wanted to see their QBs at work, “We don’t have one right now. … I don’t know yet. I might just wait until Sunday at 1 and figure it out then.

Or make the Patriots guess and have prepare for multiple scenarios. Which is the only chance Washington has at making it close for, well, a quarter.

A lousy 4-3 week last week, as the Saints rescued things. Here’s this week:


This is going to be Miami Part II. Not even close. No challenge. If there is one, then the Patriots decided to take the week off. You shouldn’t be complaining about the offense and there should be a much more chipper Tom Brady at the post game podium.


Great defenses, lousy quarterbacks. We’re disappointed in the Bills’ Josh Allen, who really looked a couple of weeks ago like he was finally starting to get it and is now in concussion protocol. Marcus Mariota should be much further along after these last few years and he isn’t. Titans get an edge at home.


Sorry Steeler fans, the Ravens aren’t the Bengals, and they’re more likely to contend and really need the win. Can Lamar Jackson be the difference? We think he can be in this one.


Nice matchup in Big D but Green Bay really needs to beat an undermanned Philly team at home. That leads you to believe, even though they have the better QB, Dak Prescott will thrive at home and the Cowboys will bounce back.


How the heck did a Jameis Winston quarterback’ed team put up 55 points against the Rams? How does that happen? The Saints, despite no Drew Brees, found a way to beat the Cowboys at home, so they should be able to beat the Bucs. If not, well, then yay for Tampa Bay, they may make some noise.


Khalil Mack gets robbed of a chance to go back to Oakland since this game is in Londond. But he may try to tackle Raiders coach Jon Gruden on the sideline. But if he can’t get Gruden, he get in the Raiders offensive backfield at a record level. Yup, game changer, and defense will move Da Bears to 4-1.


Jimmy G against Baker MTR, standing for. Mouth That Roared. Don’t discoun the San Francisco defense in this one. Kyle Shanahan can’t get outcoached by Freddie Kitchens,can he? Doubt it.


SEASON: 19-9

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