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Bills may finally give Patriots a competitive game

By Tom King | Sep 28, 2019

Let’s go Buffalo.

There, we’ve said it. We used to love that chant when Ernie DiGregorio and Bob McAdoo used to spark the old Buffalo Braves of the NBA at home. Yeah, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

So we’re bringing that chant back for Sunday. We want to see the Buffalo Bills give the New England Patriots a competitive game. The Bills have perhaps the best quarterback they’ve had in years in Josh Allen, a very good defense, and a coach in Sean McDermott that seems to have a clue.

We’re not Bills fans. We just want to see the Patriots have some challenges, and let the Antonio Brown nonsense fade away as the focus returns to what is happening on the field.

Tom Brady usually wins at Buffalo. But, as he said the other day, “They’re going to challeng us. This will be the toughest game we’ve faced, and we’re going to have to play a great game.”

Is this Buffalo thing a tease? Remember, last year the Dolphins got off to a 3-0 start, came to Gillette and got their clocks cleaned and were never really heard from again.

The NFL needs more good teams. Can the Bills be one of them?

“I think the biggest thing that separates us from (the Patriots) is really continuity and years,” McDermott said. “I mean, you’ve got an experienced team, experienced players, experienced coach that have been together for a long time.”

Got news for you, Sean. That’s what separates the Patriots from everybody.

Let’s see what this week has in store. This is a tough week to pick, even without a spread:


Maybe we’re wrong and Allen and the Buffalo defense smack the Patriots in the mouth. They have the ability to do that. New England’s running game may have trouble without IR’d fulltback James Develin, no real good blocking tight end and new left tackle Marshall Newhouse (he practiced Friday). Maybe no Julian Edelman. James White is back, though, and we go with the team with the best quarterback.


Let us know when the Browns get a real NFL coach. Draw on fourth and goal? As we thought, the Ravens did give the Chiefs a tougher time than most last week. Lamar Jackson should be able to outplay Baker Mayfield. And John Harbaugh should certainly outcoach Fearless Freddie Kitchens.


Gotta love this new Jacksonville quarterback Gardner Minshew. Who knew? Can he do it in one of the toughest places to win on the road in the NFL? Yes, because the Broncos stink because they simply can’t score.


Sunday Night Upset Special. The Who Dats are home, the Cowboys are due for a loss, and Teddy Bridgewater is ready to take the next step while Drew Brees misses a good chunk of the season. Now, if this were in Dallas, different story.


Another upset. Games against Da Bears in Chicago are likely always going to be low scoring because of an excellent Bears defense – and not so great offense. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is an up-and-coming star who may not be at his best this time against that Bears front, but maybe, just maybe, Kirk Cousins does just enough to pull out a road win.


Believe it or not, this is KC QB Pat Mahomes’ first indoor NFL game. Good grief, we’ve seen what he’s done in the elements, what the heck can he accomplish in a dome? Lions 2-0-1 bubble will burst. Sorry, Matt Patricia, your team simply isn’t good enough.


What the heck has happened to Mike Vrabel’s team since the season opening blowout of Cleveland? They scored just 24 points since, and if there’s talk that Ryan Tannehill is breathing down Marcus Mariota’s neck at QB, that’s not good. Falcons aren’t that good, but they should outscore Tennessee at home the way the Titans’ offense is playing.


SEASON: 15-6

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