Belichick-Brady spat? Ho, hum

Alan Greenwood

An observation filed under Much Ado About Not Much:

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had a little tiff the other day. The GOAT coach demanded a running play during some sort of drill and the GOAT quarterback called a passing play.

Neither man seemed particularly pleased with the other.

Since the Patriots demand the sort of blanket coverage reserved for six-time Super Bowl champs, it is assumed that all New England media outlets interrupted their typical mid-day fare to report Turmoil in Foxborough: Day 1!

Any relationship spread across nearly 20 years – marriage, friendship, employer-employee – is going to endure an occasional meltdown. Wake me only if the Pats’ legendary GOATs stand back-to-back, march 10 paces, turn and fire their slingshots.

SECOND TO NONE: Watching Rick Porcello’s second inning Wednesday night against the Rays offered a reminder that no big-league pitcher serves up absolute bombs like the Red Sox’ resident Jugs machine.

The first missile, drilled into the Red Sox bullpen by Tampa Bay’s Kevin Kiermaier, did not inspire so much as a twitch from Porcello. At the crack of the bat, Porcello stuck out his glove to signal the umpire for a new baseball.

In olden times, before anyone wasted time on launch angles and speed off the bat, it would have simply been recorded as an ungodly shot.

TIME TRAVEL: Aug. 1, 1969 – “BROOKLINE – The Nashua Police Travelers racked up win No. 13 here last night defeating the Brookline Aces, 10-6, in Souhegan Valley Medium Pitch Softball League action.

“The win left the Travelers with a 13-7 record as they prepare to have a go at the New Hampshire Fast-Pitch Tournament tonight in Concord.

“Third baseman Joe Voveris, pitcher Gene White  and second baseman Bill Hill provided the Travelers with (their) offensive needs, each collecting two hits. White had a triple, Voveris and Cliff Largy had doubles.”

AND FINALLY: There is a very logical reason why the Red Sox did nothing as the trade deadline passed Wednesday:

They aren’t that good. And nothing they did Wednesday was going to make that appreciably better in one area without appreciably diminishing them in another.

Luck may be with them as September turns to October, and they could ride that wave, but no team should bank on luck to justify trade deadline deals.

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