Longo column: If Sale is selling, I’m not buying

The Boston Red Sox saved their 2019 season … again … on Thursday with “ace” Chris Sale returning to his Cy Young-level form against a Blue Jays lineup built for 2024.

Add in the fact that the Jays were playing like they had to hop a flight to Detroit, which they did, and I’ll reserve judgment on Sale, who has exactly one more mound win than I do at Fenway in the last calendar year.

I know the fathers of these sweet baby Jays like Cavan Biggio and Vlad Guerrero could play a little bit. But these guys? The jury remains


Honestly, it’s inevitable. Boston and Tampa are your AL Wild Card teams.

But honestly, they plan on making it excruciatingly painful every step of the way.

They prod, they preen, they poke, they scratch, they bark (see David Price), they whine (again Price), they annoy (Price). It seems like they do it all but hit, throw and catch the baseball.

In just under five hours on most nights. All that is missing is the ludicrous outfield post-victory dance Mookie and Co. finally mothballed.

I can’t write anymore about Price. He’s the ultimate enigma, Kyrie on ritalin. Can’t deal. Again, and I know it’s a common theme out of these fingers. Talk to me in October.

Danny’s nose

is growing

Danny Ainge is not a good liar. Neither is his boss, Wyc Grousbeck. I give Brad Stevens major props for not even attempting to try and make the company sales pitch that Enes Kanter and Kemba Walker are suitable replacements for Kyrie and Al Horford.

Suddenly, Walker is the real deal, right? He played with nobody, right? Of course, when somebody around here says the same thing about Bradley Beal, it’s not that he’s good, he’s a volume scorer. Celtics fans, delusional as always.

Stray shots

Aw. Isn’t that too bad?

Tiger Woods flew (private, of course) all the way across the Atlantic and then tossed up a less than stellar 78, good for 7-over par.

Hey Eldrick, enjoy the ride home. We’ll certainly enjoy the weekend free of Tiger talk.

Back-to-back missed cuts in majors? So much for the “Tiger-almost-slam.”

It just doesn’t get any better than this. …

When Patriots training camp opens next week in Foxborough, wouldn’t you love to see Bill Belichick step to the microphone and simply eliminate all the suspense?

“Hey, we’re going to bring Rob Gronkowski back for December at $1 million per game, just so he’s healthy and ready for another Super Bowl run.”

Just get it out there, Bill.

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