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Not necessarily the news

PUT IT ON MY TAB: Heather Poplasky of Plainfield, Connecticut, racked up a hefty bill after the nutter was arrested four times in 24 hours over the course of April 10 and 11. The first arrest occurred when police were called to her home where they say she threatened to cut herself with a large ...

Welcome to the B-negative 500

Donating blood is a noble thing to do. Then why on Earth do I always turn it into a competition? I recently gave a pint of my very rare Type B-negative blood a few weeks back at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua. It was Bishop Guertin Day for the Red Cross and I was heartened to see students lined ...

The need for reconciliation is a sign of a bad bill

"Budget Reconciliation" may be the most popular phrase on Capitol Hill right now. This special legislative process allows certain bills to be passed in the Senate with a simple majority so long as they impact the budget. With the Senate evenly divided -- and the Vice President holding the ...