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Local Commentary

This Labor Day, don’t forget the injustice of forced union dues

America’s working men and women have faced unprecedented challenges over the course of the pandemic, and on Labor Day we shouldn’t only be remembering their dedication but redoubling our efforts to protect their individual rights in the workplace. That means there is work to do in New ...

Donchess should heed local concerns

As a Nashua native and lifelong resident, I am proud of the dedicated men and women of the Nashua Police Department who serve our city and work tirelessly every day to keep our families safe. I had the privilege of working directly with the department when I served as a murder prosecutor and ...

There is a ‘National Day’ for just about everything

When I was a kid, the only “national” days I was aware of were the days we all typically celebrated, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, etc. But I was flabbergasted to discover that every day of the year is essentially a “national” day for some reason or ...

Reader feedback: Positive, negative or in-between, it’s always welcome

Reader feedback, I’ve always said, is a great thing to see in the inbox, hear on the phone or read in a cute little note card – especially if it’s written in old-school cursive. And whether the message is one of praise, appreciation or a congratulatory nature, or critical, sarcastic, or ...