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State’s education funding system is a mess

The problem with taxes is most people do not know how they work. Taxes by their nature create winners and losers, usually more losers than winners. But because the majority of people do not understand the finer points of taxation, the state has an upside down system for one of its biggest ...

Small Business. Big Heart. Big Impact.

There is an old story about the boy walking along on the beach picking up starfish, one by one, tossing them into the sea. He is questioned why he is doing this. What difference can one child make, tossing one starfish at a time, back into the ocean so that they might live? The answer, of ...

Remembering Reagan as Democracy teeters on edge

Several months ago I watched Republican Senator Tom Cotton, a far right conservative and very vocal champion of populism, deliver as an update on the current state of the Republican Party; a political report card of sorts. As I listened to him I was struck by the tone of his remarks and his ...

Sherman represents the best of New Hampshire

As November’s Election Day approaches, Gov. Chris Sununu is still marketing himself as an affable moderate. He wants us to forget that he’s been in cahoots with anti-government Free State Project radicals for years. In 2019 and 2020, the Democratic majority in the State Legislature passed ...