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By Alexandra Mennella - Weare | Apr 22, 2023

Have you noticed strange telecommunication equipment appearing on utility poles? It might be a 5G cellular mini tower. These are being installed throughout our state, but noticeably in Concord and Manchester. These devices emit cellular radiation at close range, which can have serious negative impacts on health. Yet cellular mini towers are being installed eye-level with windows in residential areas and especially in low-income neighborhoods, with little public input.

Telecom companies are not going to ask our permission for this. These devices will continue to be installed without informed consent as long as we allow for it. This might be the future of communications, but citizens are entitled to know the costs and benefits of such infrastructure.

What are the benefits to the telecom corporations? How much capital is invested in the mini tower program? What is the anticipated return on investment? What are the health impacts of marinating customers in close-range cellular radiation? We need these questions answered before these programs proceed.

Telecom corporations will not act in the interest of customer health because they derive their capital by installing new equipment regardless of known hazards. It’s on us to investigate and to make sure that our local representatives take a serious interest in this matter as well.

Start snapping pictures of mini towers and send them to your representatives requesting they be removed. If we do nothing our communities will soon be plastered with these things, while telecom takes it to the bank and our health declines.


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