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It’s tearing our nation apart

By Sandra Maida | Sep 29, 2019

Politicians and the media have divided our nation, states, cities, towns and, sadly, even some of our families. For many of us, including some Democrat and Independent voters, it is currently alarming that so many Democrat politicians are now pro socialism, open borders, gun confiscation. Campaign promises that would cost trillions and raise taxes on the middle class are so unbelievable that one can only conclude that they are lying to us. By the way, campaigning Republicans do it, too.

I believe that once they’ve been in D.C. for a while, many, not all, politicians on both sides lie to us to retain their power and control and get re-elected. Hence, I am for term limits. Presidents only serve a maximum of eight years, and term limits should also apply to Congress.

The growing divisive incivility toward our fellow Americans is tearing our nation apart. We are fearful, angry and/or upset. No one person is to blame, be it the president or another politician or media figure of your choice. Obviously, we are all in for a “rough ride.”

Let’s take that “ride” together with due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, beliefs or traditions of others, with calm, not chaos, with love, not hate and with a determination to heal our nation.

Yes, I know it will be tough for us to achieve this, even for me sometimes. We need to try and forgive our, and each other’s, mistakes. We can do this!

Yes, we can and set a good example for the world and younger generations. Trying is better than not trying to be better. Destruction from within is not an option.


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