Milwaukee donates $18,000 worth of tools

NASHUA — Students at Nashua High School South are enjoying new power tools thanks to a generous donation from Milwaukee Tools.

Just a little over a week ago, Nashua High School South Construction Technology Teacher Alan Verley received a pallet stacked nearly five feet high with various power tools outside of his shop.

During the school’s open house a few weeks prior, Verley was told by a parent that Milwaukee Tools was providing large donations of tools. He then went online to Milwaukee’s website to fill out the necessary information.

Shortly after, representatives contacted Verley to let him know he was qualified to receive a donation and that they would be delivering a pallet to the school.

“I was expecting a pallet that was maybe two feet high,” Verley said. What he got was a pallet stacked with Milwaukee tools that stood nearly five feet high.

The evening after he had received the donation, Verley sent one of his seniors home with the task of calculating the value of the tools. They found out that it was a donation worth $17,680.00 of compact drill/ driver kits, impact wrenches, rotary hammer kits, hammer drills, sawzall cordless saw kits and other tools.

Since there was an abundance of tools, Verley decided to share the wealth by giving some of the tools to the HVAC and Electric classes

“There were so many tools there was no way I could use them all,” Verley said. Verley has just over 30 students in his Construction Technology program.

The tools will be utilized by all 350 students in the Construction Technology, Electrical Technology, HVAC-R, Woodworking I, Woodworking II and Small Engines classes at Nashua High School South.

Verley was all smiles after receiving the donation.

“They’re all standard state-of-the-art tools. Now my kids don’t have to lose time waiting around for drills and I’m not going to have to buy cordless tools for quite a while,” Verley said.

He said the tools will also help his students along the way to a career in the construction industry.

One of Verley’s students, junior Paige Anger, was able to test out some of the new tools this week.

Anger said, “The tools make it a lot easier and it gives us a lot more options with our projects. It also gives us a broader perspective.”

Anger said she is excited about being able to learn about the tools as she makes her way through future projects.

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