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Crowds line up for reopening

By AP | May 16, 2020


Manchester – When the doors opened Friday morning at Burlington (Formerly Burlington Coat) the crowds were lined up ready to buy.
Burlington is one of the first large scale clothing retailers to open as part of the “NH Stay At Home 2.0”
A person from the store was at the entrance checking the number of people so they didn’t exceed the guidelines for the number of customers. A sign on the door reminded customers to wear masks and social distance. The store is not requiring customers to wear masks but all employees had masks on.
The fitting rooms were all closed to prevent people from trying on clothes.
The line to check out was very long with people waiting patiently to check out. The floor was marked off with indicators of six foot distances. At one point over 50 people waited in the line to check out.
The store has several signs displayed around the store indicating up to 50% off.