Memo to Celtics’ Danny Ainge: Keep trying


How’s that for a novel idea? From Danny Ainge, to the coach, to the players, it’s time these folks became accountable to their fans.

Boston, heading into last night’s home date with LeBron James’ Lakers, stood at 35-19, tied for the No. 3 seed in the East and 51/2 games off the pace.

We have been through Kyrie’s personally-produced soap opera, Gordon Hayward’s rehab, Al Horford’s rickety joints, Jaylen Brown’s tantrums and Jayson Tatum’s


We’ve endured Brad Stevens’ incessant droning about the team and effort and how pivotal Semi Ojeleye is to the world championship cause.

And we’ve been teased by Ainge’s lust for superstars, only to be spurned at last call each and every Saturday night.

Enough Celtics.

It’s time to try. Ainge left us all hanging at the break, like a crunch-time Marcus Smart jump just before it tumbles off the rim.

This recent 10-1 burst is nice, but it’s barely a start. January is for the Sacramentos of this world.

The Celtics must become the Celtics again. This is not Milwaukee where B-listers from Sidney Moncrief to Marques Johnson to Giannis Antetokounmpo have driven the Bucks to the conference semis, only to be rendered pretenders year after year.

This is Boston. When our teams try, well, the recent of edition of the Belichick Boys showed so admirably, amazing things happen.

Look at the Red Sox of 2017, locked in second gear. Suddenly baseball mattered in 2018, even for that left-handed louse David Price. And bingo. Banner time.

The Boston Celtics invented the championship banner, for pete’s sake.

It’s time this team started to act like it.


It’s winter, and while nobody is heading to Hampton Beach for sun and surf anytime soon, it might be time to peek in on our state U.

The University of New Hampshire is not cloaking itself in athletic glory these days, which makes you wonder now, doesn’t it?

UNH football gets a pass for this fall, a season that saw its streak of 14 straight playoff appearances end. Amherst’s Trevor Knight was hurt early, and without their heart-and-soul the Wildcats melted into mediocrity.

It was a tad troubling that the ‘Cats announced five recruits on signing day with none from the Granite State.

Arguably the state’s top player, Gatorade Player of the Year Ryan Toscano of Bedford made it known on Twitter that he has committed to Durham, though.

The bottom line is UNH needs to find a quarterback to replace Knight. This spring will certainly be interesting.

On the ice, I will defer to College Hockey Online’s Mike McMahon who stated before last weekend that UNH would need nine straight wins to even be considered for an NCAA “at-large” bid later this spring.

The Cats split with Maine to fall to an uninspiring 10-9-8 (6-6-5 HE) with this weekend’s Vermont trip coming up.

And on the court?

Don’t ask.

The mens losing streak is now seven as Bill Herrion’s hoopsters have tumbled to a tainted 3-19.

Tainted? Yes tainted. Two of the wins are over Rivier and Mount St. Vincent.

Also worth mentioning, the UNH women are 5-18.