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Freezer available for all your food deserving of preserving

By Chris Graham - Chris' Mailbag | Oct 7, 2018

Freezers and refrigerators are closely related, perhaps ‘cold cousins,’ sometimes in appearance as upright models but always serving the same purpose, keeping food at required temperatures so that it could last longer. Before 1830, food preservation methods included salting, spicing, smoking, pickling, and drying, or ice cut from lakes and stored in icehouses. Early freezers, called ‘deep freeze’, appeared in homes after WWII but a current model appears today in the Mailbag.

Safe keeping for food; sheets ‘fit for a king’

“I have a 21 cubic feet, upright freezer for someone who could use it,” says Paul D. of Milford (LTR 2,213). “It works, and just needs defrosting once a year. Also have two sets of king-size sheets with pillowcases.” Just as at-home freezers are relatively new household appliance additions in recent decades, mattress makers first introduced king and queen sizes in 1941. The customer was advised it will cost only one dollar more for each additional inch of length, same deal for a wider bed, one dollar more for an extra inch across. – National Sleep Products Assoc. Folks interested in either or both offers should give Paul a call at 673-4277.

Recipes galore answer “What’s cooking?”

“I have several boxes of Food & Wine and Bon Appetit magazines, there’s a lot of great recipes to be had,” writes Dianne D. of Nashua (LTR 3,380). “We’re downsizing and just can’t keep them. If anyone is interested, they’ll need to take them all and sort at their own leisure. Thanks Chris for your service!” Food & Wine magazine was founded in 1978 and features recipes, cooking tips, travel tips, restaurant reviews, chefs, wine

pairings, and seasonal/holiday content. Bon Appetit appeals to a wide variety of readers from experienced cooks looking for articles to improve their skills, to those new to the kitchen looking to learn the basics and more. Readers looking for recipes and new ideas might want to check out these magazines after they check with Dianne at 566-7088 or email: didion523@gmail.com regarding availability.

Supplies needed for new sewing group

“Members of H.E.A.R.T.S., a nonprofit Peer Support and Respite Center in Nashua providing educational, social, and creative programs for people living with, coping and recovering from mental health issues, are organizing a sewing group and hoping for donations of sewing supplies,” says Assistant Executive Director Tom Doucette (LTR 2,663). “Specifically needed is black thread, hand as well as sewing machine needles (sizes 14-17), common pins, and cutting boards. Sewing scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, quilting templates, and other related supplies would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.” People started sewing by hand some 20,000 years ago, when needles were made from bone or animal horns. The history of the sewing machine is far more complicated and many historians still debate who can claim the title of the real inventor since there are many ‘loose threads’ presented among the evidence. Should some of the above-mentioned sewing supplies be found unused in your sewing basket or craft room, Tom can be reached at 943-0547.

‘Mailbag Mover’ – offer much appreciated

Chris’ Mailbag wishes to thank Bob G. for volunteering to help readers in need of items offered in the column. He writes “I know sometimes people want things from your Mailbag but have no way to pick it up. I have a truck and will help them pick up items. They will have to provide muscle for heavy items.” Two gentlemen, Mike and David, both helped in these circumstances in the past, which was great. If a need for Bob’s help is indicated, I will only provide contact information to the parties involved.

Contact Chris’ Mailbag by emailing christine.graham33@gmail.com or sending mail to Chris’ Mailbag c/o The Telegraph, 110 Main St., Suite 1, Nashua 03060. Include full name and complete address, along with telephone number or email address for publication, if applicable. Items eligible for publication are for donation, trade or barter only; requests of items for sale or purchase will not be included.


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