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Hats can protect from sun, be cherished, or worn for fun

By Chris Graham - Chris' Mailbag | Sep 16, 2018

A hat is much more than an ornament to cover one’s head. From formal toppers, fedoras, homburgs and sun hats, to the derby, bowler, boater, or ‘just for fun’ hats, these fashion accessories that can define a personality, declare status and promote the lifestyle of the wearer. In a previous era, there was a time when men wore hats all the time. At this time a Mailbag reader hopes that three hats, treasured by her late husband, will be enjoyed for outdoor or indoor activities.

‘Whoa!’ Western hats to be had …

“I am downsizing because of a move to smaller quarters and I have three hats that belonged to my late husband, all are gently used and in excellent condition,” writes Floy W. of Nashua (LTR 3,377). “One is a Tilley hat (guaranteed for life), along with two beautiful Resistol western hats. If nothing else they would be great in a school’s theater wardrobe for use in plays.” Tilley Endurables, a Canadian company founded in 1980 is best known for their hats, referred to as ‘iconic’ and ‘legendary.’ Customers write stories on the Tilley website explaining strange experiences they have had with the hats (www.tilley.com, worth looking at).

Resistol Hats, based in Garland, Texas, is best known as a maker of Cowboy hats worn by celebrities John Wayne and Henry Fonda, Country Singer George Strait, Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, United States Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, and troopers of the Texas Department of Public Safety who wear Resistol hats as part of their uniform. Some impressive wearers have ‘used their heads’ to promote Resistol hats.

Interested parties can reach Floy at 578-9552. Let me know how things work out. I wonder if she’ll have a ‘stampede’ of callers?

Has butcher block table, oak twin bed, La boy recliner

“A friend suggested that I contact you (Chris’ Mailbag) to let you know that I have a couple of Items that I want to donate including a butcher block, 4-foot table with a bench and two chairs to match,” says Dina K. of Nashua (LTR 3,378). “Also, have an oak twin bed with head and foot boards, two long bars for set up and bars going across to hold the box spring, as well as a brown La-Z Boy recliner chair in very good condition. These items will need to be picked up. We don’t have a truck to deliver.” Chopping or butcher blocks have been used in butcher shops for centuries, but long before were a utilitarian must-have for anyone cutting meat and even for blacksmiths and masons. While smaller cutting boards have become all the more popular due to price and convenience, classic butcher blocks are still highly coveted by professional chefs while table versions are attractive additions to home kitchens. Twin beds and recliners are also always welcome where they are needed. Anyone needing any of the above-mentioned items can reach Dina at 881-9773. The upcoming months may bring family members and guests ‘home for the holidays’ bringing a need for extra seating and sleeping accommodations, as well.

Kitchen table/chairs set available

“I have a kitchen set I’d like to donate to someone who needs it – a table and four chairs,” says Ray B. of Nashua (LTR 3,379). “It’s old, but in very good shape. This is not junk. Needs to be picked up with two guys and a truck. I have a bad back and can’t help.” Ray has two photographs of the set, which show a wood grain hexagonal table and four very comfortable looking upholstered chairs (looks like off-white vinyl or washable fabric) on casters. Perhaps Ray will share them upon request when emailed at:

raymondab@comcast.net or receives a call at 882-0633.

Needs base for an

outdoor patio umbrella

“I was given an umbrella with a stem that was meant to fit into another stem that fits into a heavy base on the ground or patio to hold the umbrella,” says Christine G. of Nashua (LTR 48). “The stem attached to the umbrella looks like it would also fit through a hole on a table (don’t have room for a table) but if someone has a heavy base and the stem that goes from the base to the stem on the umbrella that they are no longer using, I would love to have these pieces.” Anyone able to help Christine ‘set up under some shade’ should contact Chris’ Mailbag via the email at the bottom of the column, attention: LTR 48.


n Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,175) says: “The carton of assorted fabric suitable for crafting, quilting, etc. was picked up by Kate C. of Nashua.” Nice find! Lots of possibilities for creative creations.

Contact Chris’ Mailbag by emailing christine.graham33@gmail.com or sending mail to Chris’ Mailbag c/o The Telegraph, 110 Main St., Suite 1, Nashua 03060. Include full name and complete address, along with telephone number or email address for publication, if applicable. Items eligible for publication are for donation, trade or barter only; requests of items for sale or purchase will not be included.


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