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Carton of assorted fabric holds promise of creative crafts

By Chris Graham - Chris' Mailbag | Sep 9, 2018

Crafters working with yards of fabric may find large projects a cinch, and smaller pieces of material to fit ‘in a pinch’ – fabric scraps in many shapes and sizes may generate surprises with ideas for craft fairs and home decor, perfect for just what’s needed and maybe more. “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy fabric and that’s pretty close,” says a craft reference, but this fabric offered in the Mailbag is sure to keep a crafter or craft group ‘sew very happy’ for some time!

By the yard, feet, inches, in strips, with stripes, solids, prints …

“It’s my busy season and opportunities to share some of the storage unit and house cleanout finds with Mailbag readers are forthcoming,” says Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,175). “I have a large carton, like almost 2-foot square, full of fabric too assorted to describe. Some can be measured by the yard, others by feet, down to inches of strips of material that are short and wide, others long and thin. There are cotton prints, and solids, flannel and rough fabrics, some matte finish, some shiny. Some are actual items of clothing, cut into, but with lots of usable fabric left. All the material is clean. Hope someone can use all this.” Some of this fabric has definite possibilities for quilting, a craft thought by some to have originated in Colonial America, but which actually has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt and earlier. Although some quilters used scraps from clothing in their quilts, others bought fabric specifically for the quilts they made and some were pieced together with a combination of ‘the old’ (perhaps recalling old memories) and ‘the new’ (the making of new ones). Any individual or group interested in this fabric should give Bert a call at 883-0990. Leave a message with a return phone number if no answer. He will get back to you.

Treadmill can provide ‘cool’ indoor exercise

“We have a ProForm treadmill with a 20-inch walking belt to give away to anyone looking for a machine with multiple functions including distance, speed, time, calories and fat calories burned, speed, pulse and power incline,” writes Richard P. of Hudson (LTR 3,341). “This treadmill folds for easy storage. We also have the operating manual. It will need to be picked up by two people with a pickup truck. We’ve had luck with the Mailbag before, so here’s hoping someone will put this treadmill to good use.” Walking is well tolerated by most people regardless of their fitness level and treadmills are popular for home exercise since they provide an efficient aerobic workout. A treadmill has a predictable surface easier to negotiate than sidewalks and trails and can later be used for jogging as strength and endurance are developed, as well a positioned near your AC unit, hence a ‘cool workout.’ If this offer ‘shapes up’ to be of interest, you may want to give Rich a call at 886-6339.

Lucky Dog Shop needs to replace awning

“The red canvas storefront awning outside the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop was ripped to shreds during an ice storm back in 2016 and hasn’t been replaced due to structural issues with the circa 1920s building housing the shop,” says shop owner Kat R. of Nashua (LTR 2,721). “We need the charitable opinion and expertise of an engineer to take a look at the current awning frame and its mounting on the brick wall storefront. We can discuss with this person our plans to replace the awning, depending on the engineer’s findings. If there is a kind engineer out there that has a little bit of spare time to do a huge favor for a great charity, we would be very grateful.” The Lucky Dog Thrift Shop is located at 23 Elm St. in Nashua and can be reached at 882-3647 (882-DOGS).


– The assortment of Make’n Mold chocolate candy molds offered by Bert the Picker, of Nashua, (LTR 1,175) were picked up by a very delighted Lisa, of Nashua, who will definitely be putting them to good use!

– Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,775) says: “I had a phone call from someone interested in the cook books, but was unable to ‘catch’ the number left on the answering machine to return the call. If you call again, speak slowly and clearly and yes, the books are still available.”

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