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Seniors’ activities call for food warmers, craft supplies

By Chris Graham | Jul 8, 2018

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age” – Sophia Loren, Academy Award-winning actress. Talent and creativity can be tapped into at any age and encouraged at housing for seniors, such as Salmon Brook in Nashua offering opportunities for residents to remain active. The Mailbag gladly helps spread the word to meet folk’s needs.

Senior’s needs call for chafing dishes to crafting materials

Salmon Brook Senior Housing, located on Lovell Street in Nashua, owned and operated by Southern New Hampshire Services, provides opportunities for seniors age 62 and older to participate in activities with fellow residents, social functions with visiting family and friends, craft and other groups. “We are looking for donations of food warmers such as chafing dishes (for use with Sterno), or electric warming trays, to keep food warm at our resident’s events,” said Sandy B. of Nashua, enriched resident service coordinator at Salmon Brook Senior Housing (LTR 3,269). “Also looking for donations of craft supplies, including ribbons, acrylic paints, brushes, cardstock paper, glue and major jars would be much appreciated as well. Lastly, we would love to have a volunteer willing to build raised garden beds. Many of our residents miss have a garden and the fresh produce will be shared at our tables. Thank you.” Chafing dishes, not to be confused with hot plates, are popular with mobile caterers, wedding venues and buffets and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Perhaps some folks may have one or two stored away in an attic or basement they’d be willing to donate which would be much appreciated. If you can help residents at Salmon Brook Senior Housing with any of the above mentioned needs, Sandy can be reached at 402-4111. Let me know how things are going!

Summertime means grilling; entertainment center available, too

“I have an electric char broil patio grill for the taking by anyone who can use it,” writes Louise B. of Hollis (LTR 1,861). “The cooking surface is 16 inches. It is clean and works fine. It will need to be picked up. Also have a 48-by-48 inch, imitation oak entertainment center with adjustable shelves, in good condition. This, too, will have to be picked up.” American celebrity chef and restaurateur, Bobby Flay, is quoted as saying “I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.” No argument there! For additional information or to see the above mentioned items, call 921-5054.

‘Cool’ offer – 8000 BTU window AC

“Given all the hot weather we’ve had and continue to expect, perhaps someone who really needs a way to stay cooler will want to take advantage of our item,” writes Steve S. of Nashua (LTR 3,367). “We have a Frigidaire 8000 BTU window air conditioner that we no longer need. It is like new because shortly after we bought it, we chose to go a different way to cool our house. Now we just want to give it to someone who can make good use of it. The only thing is, it needs to be picked-up, as we cannot deliver. Of course, it will fit into the back seat or trunk of most cars. Thanks for helping us find it a good home.” Frigidaire, the home appliance brand subsidiary of European parent company Electrolux, was founded as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1916. From refrigerators to air conditioners, Frigidaire is a brand that’s remained famous for durable, reliable cooling for decades. If his offer sounds ‘really cool’, giving Steve a call at 880-1459 might just make your life a lot more comfortable.

Maytag ‘to the rescue,’ another ‘cool’ offer; two-drawer stackable cabinets

“I have a Maytag window A/C available, model M6X06F2A rated at 6000 BTU with remote control,” writes Ed G. of Nashua (LTR 1,551). “Good timing ‘weather-wise’ for someone who can use it!” Absolutely! Mention the name ‘Maytag’ and Ol’ Lonely, or “the lonely repairman,” the character initially played by Jesse White comes to mind. White retained the role until 1988. In January 2014, Maytag announced a ‘Generation Five’ of the Maytag Repairman, currently played by Colin Ferguson, but instead of commercials showing the repairman waiting around his shop for a Maytag appliance to break, he is playing the part of the actual appliance. Think I’ll end the ‘history lesson’ on that note.

Additionally, Ed is offering “12, two-drawer, stackable cabinets, measuring 17-by-12-by-5 inches, with wood exterior and plastic interior, formerly used to house VHS tapes.” Anyone interested in the Maytag window AC or the stackable cabinets should give Ed a call at 888-7843, after 9 a.m.

Remembering 1947 and 1948

“I would like to offer a full set of 1947 Encyclopedia Britannica, 24 volumes including the Atlas and Index, plus the 1947 and 1948 Book of the Year,” says Nancy K. of Nashua (LTR 3,368). “The books are each 8½-by-11 inches and about 2-inches thick. All together, they take up about 48 inches of shelf space. The Encyclopedia are black, leatherette-bound with gold lettering. The indexes are brick leatherette.” July 1947 brought announcements: In the UK, King George VI announces the engagement of his daughter Princess Elizabeth to Lt. Phillip Mountbatten; President Harry S. Truman signs the Presidential Succession Act, placing the speaker of the house and the president pro tempore of the Senate next in the line of succession after the vice president. July 1948 marked the Summer Olympics in London, the first summer games since 1936, and dedication of Idlewild Field as New York International Airport (later renamed JFK). These and other events of the mid-late 1940s may be available for your reading after contacting Nancy via email at: nancy@

dogsandlife.com. Enjoy!

Has current National Geo, Smithsonian and New Yorker magazines

“I have some magazines, in good condition, I’d like to pass on to someone,” says Kay C. Nashua (LTR 2,602). “There are two years of National Geographic 2016-2018, approximately 10 Smithsonian and 20 New Yorker 2018. Hope someone will enjoy these.” Your Mailbag column connects so many people who want to give and others to receive. Thank you.” While the National Geographic features geography, archaeology, anthropology and exploration, the Smithsonian looks at the topics and subject matters researched, studied and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution, The New Yorker is a magazine of reportage, criticism and commentary, essays, satire, poetry, and cartoons. To read more about them all, give Kay a call at 880-5424.

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