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Mini tennis hopper, basket, will ‘serve you well on the court’

By Chris Graham | Jun 17, 2018

“I made it look so easy on court all those years. No one realized how hard I had to work, how much I had to put into it,” Pete ‘Pistol Pete’ Sampras, American retired tennis player regarded as one of the greatest in the history of the sport. Practice is an essential part of success at any endeavor and those who love tennis like to aim for efficient use of time for practice. A Mailbag offer could give a tennis player the ‘court advantage’ for practice sessions leading to perfection.

Practice equipment ‘comes into play’

“We are moving to another town and I have a mini tennis hopper and basket that I would like to give away,” writes C.S., of Nashua (LTR 2,738). “Please post this before the end of the month or sooner. I am sure that someone could find them useful for tennis practice.” Indeed! Owning the proper equipment can improve efficiency and a great ball hopper can make your practice time run much more smoothly, allowing a player to quickly restock balls and continue practice. A hopper keeps all your tennis balls together to transport to the courts and store at home, and can also prevent back strain from constantly bending over while picking up balls by hand, a tedious task which takes up valuable practice time as well. If tennis is your ‘racket’ and wanting to be a ‘good or better sport’ at the game is among your ambitions, give C.S. a call at 897-0289. Now, ‘the ball is in your court’!

Literary quest … the search is on!

“I’m looking for a copy of the book, “I’ll cry tomorrow,” by Lillian Roth,” writes Denise C., of Nashua (LTR1,097). “I believe it was published originally in 1954. My grandmother and mother both read it when it came out. I wanted to read it myself and copies now are pricey and hard to come by.” In her autobiography, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow,” Roth details her battle with alcoholism, religion, psychoanalysis and Alcoholics Anonymous in brutally frank honesty. Deprived of a normal childhood by her ambitious bother, Roth becomes a star of Broadway and Hollywood before the age of 20, dealing with the death of her first husband (childhood sweetheart), beginning of alcoholism, a second marriage ending in divorce, an abusive third marriage, failed suicide attempt and the road back to happiness. The book was later made into an Academy Award-winning movie starring Susan Hayward. Anyone able to help Denise with a copy of “I’ll Cry Tomorrow,” can reach her via email at: decooch@gmail.com. NOTE: Roth has a new book, “Beyond My Worth,” perhaps of interest to Denise and others, as well.

Furnishing a place all her own – at last!

“After many struggles, I finally have an apartment of my own and am hoping Mailbag readers can help me with some needed furnishings,” says Judi S., of Nashua (LTR 3,364). “I need a futon for sleep and seating and two bureaus to put away clothing and ‘settle in.’ Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.” Congratulations on the apartment! Finding oneself without a place to call home for any reason is difficult to cope with, a time when encouragement, support, and offers to help meet material needs can be welcome more than ever. Anyone wanting to contact Judi should call 594-6452.

Walker needed

“I am in need of a walker with wheels and a seat in good condition,” writes Karen, of Hudson (LTR 3,365). “The seat is needed as he becomes very tired and needs to rest periodically. This is for my handicapped son who has limited mobility. Thanks for your help and your community service.” Four-wheeled walkers, aka Rollators, are easier to propel than the rolling walker, easier to maneuver around turns, typically does not need to be lifted when turning, and the seat provides the convenience of instant rest when needed. If you can help out here, Karen can be reached at 881-5220.


– Andrea Reed, supportive employment program manager for Harbor Homes’ Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (LTR 3,363), is seeking community and business support for the Annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down event coming up on Sept. 28, 2018. The event benefits homeless veterans and their families. Reed received a response to the partial Wish List from Karen T. of Nashua. Karen wrote: “I saw your info at Chris’ Mailbag. I am the owner of The Seedling Cafe and although we relocated to Merrimack, I live in Nashua and I know how Harbor Homes benefits the community. We will be donating, to start, towel sets.” Chris’ Mailbag is delighted to help promote this program and will be publishing a Wish List during the upcoming months. New items, only, are requested and much appreciated.

Wishing all fathers, grandfather’s, great-granddads and all men who play the role of father, in someone’s life a happy Father’s Day!

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