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Chris’ Mailbag: Larger dining table would provide seating for large family

By Chris Graham | May 6, 2018

“It’s the sense of what family is at the dinner table. It was the joy of knowing mother was in the kitchen making our favorite dish. I wish more people would do this and recall the joy of life,” Paul Prodhomme, celebrity chef, restaurateur. Gathering to share meals as a family helps to strengthen bonds, provide security, and encourage communication. While often thought of as a thing of the past, a close family turns to the Mailbag to help accommodate placement for everyone.

‘Dinner’s ready, everyone come sit’

“I am asking if anyone is downsizing and has a dining table with eight chairs that they are no longer using, or no longer need such a large size, that they would be interesting in donating to my family of seven,” writes Lucy W. of Nashua (LTR 2,810). “My baby has outgrown a baby chair so more space is needed for all family members to sit comfortably. If someone would be kind to generously donate a larger table, I would then donate the small table with only four chairs that we are currently using. Thanks again, and thanks for all reader’s help.” It is always a pleasure to hear from Lucy, knowing Mailbag readers have helped this ambitious entrepreneur with appliances, etc. needed for her home-based cake baking business, homeschooling needs for her children, and other items and services needed by this hard-working lady over the years. When it’s time for downsizing or moving to a smaller location, dining room furniture is often among the first to become available. If this is your situation and you would like to contact Lucy, she can be reached at 948-8928. Hope everyone is doing well.

Has Weight Watchers cookbooks

“I have four to five Weight Watcher cookbooks with some great recipes in them if anybody wants them,” says Nancy M. of Nashua (LTR 713). “They would also be good for diabetics. Thanks for this great column. It has been so helpful to me.” An ad for Weight Watchers cookbooks reads “When you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy, one of the best things you can do for yourself is cook,” and while a promotion, it does make perfect sense. Preparation gives you control of the ingredients and amounts and Weight Watchers cookbooks offer nutritious, easy to follow recipes and advice that can reduce the ‘check in’ numbers you see on the scale. Folks interested in the cookbooks can reach Nancy at 888-1520 or via email at: nancmc1@myfairpoint.net. Bon appetit! Buona mangiata! Buen provecho! Enjoy!

Encyclopedia Set ‘for your information!’

“I have a 37 volume book set of Collier’s Encyclopedias from 1965-1975 for anyone who would like them,” says Denise B. of Hudson (LTR 1,582). “There is no bookcase. Must be picked up. They contain a wealth of information.” Absolutely! In 1965, the average income per year was $6,450, gas was 31 cents/gallon and the average new car cost $2,650. By 1975, the average income per year had risen to $14,100, gas to 44 cents per gallon and the average new car now cost $4,250. Occasionally, I enjoy looking at my vintage encyclopedia set from 1931 when tax fraud got Al Capone into Alcatraz, many car manufacturers went out of business and one of the few ‘high points’ was completion of the Empire State Building. Anyone interested in pursuing an older set of encyclopedia 1965-1975, should call Denise at 882-5046, after 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday or after 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, or contact her via email at: Bibeau.denise@gmail.com. Interesting taking a look at the past!

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