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We may have to pump the brakes on spring sports fever

By Tom King - Staff Writer | Mar 25, 2024

Here’s a few tids and bits as we somehow are mired in January In March while spring sports are about to start:

— That’s the first topic. A week ago we knew we had jinxed ourselves when we mentioned just the last little piece of snow at Stellos Stadium when high school teams took the field to begin spring practices. Now with the little snow we did get the other night, it may keep baseball and softball teams off their fields with two weeks to go before opening week.But we’ve had worse.Meanwhile, tennis teams will be a little hampered, and these cold temperatures don’t help.

But that’s minor down here compared to what it will be like north of Manchester and Concord. Those teams will be stuck for awhile as some areas got close to if not more than two feet of that ugly white stuff. That will delay seasons or at least have their home games to the south turn into road games. No wonder they call him Old ManWinter, because this time of year he’s always saying “Get off my lawn.”

— This is always one of the most interesting weeks of the year, when the NFL owners gather in some warm weather site for their March meeting, this year in xxxxxx. These are when Patriots owner Robert Kraft first put a little heat on Bill Belichick last year, talking about free agent spending, etc. and he was actually asked if Belichick could be in trouble if the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs. Fast forward to a year later, and it’s a whole new deal, right? Belichick is no longer here, Jerod Mayo will likely be dowright engaging talking to the media this week while sipping his orange juice, and Kraft will be talking about a new era. And the debate on whether the documentray “Dynasty” was a hit job on Belichick or not will continue. It’ll be curious if Kraft addresses those thoughts.

— Still on the Patriots, we’d be about 85 percent sure Drake Maye will be your Eliot Wolf pick. This new regime will not be brazen enough to think outside the box, trade down to get a haul of picks, or grab one of the “lesser” QBs like J.J. McCarthy or Michael Penix, Jr., the latter of whom may be more pro ready than any of them but more of a risk in terms of age and health. The Bears are definitely taking Caleb Williams, the Commanders want Jayden Daniels, and that leaves Maye. The Krafts want a QB, so that debate is pretty much over. It’s their team now, right?

— While the Craig Kolek situation is just a sad, controversial commentary on what’s been going on the last year at Rivier (good or bad), the one positive was the atmosphere at the Muldoon Center last Tuesday, the Raider men’s volleyball team’s first match without their deposed Hall of Fame coach. The ‘Doon was packed, volleyball alums showed up in full force, and the clapping for key points (set point, match point) was something the players won’t forget. Never thought we’d see the day when Nashua police would be present at a Riv men’s volleyball event as a precaution. We asked one officer whether he had ever had duty at a Riv men’s volleyball match. “Can’t say that I have,” was the response. It’s all food for thought.

—- Yes, Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is Thursday and we’ll have our season predictions posted in a few days. But we leave you with this thought: Bobby Dalbec will make the big league roster. Sorry, Sox fans.

Tom King can be reached at tking@nashuatelegraph.com, or on X, formerly twitter, @Telegraph _TomK.


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