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Nashua Eagles hoping Marote’s NECC success carries over

By Tom King - Staff Writer | Nov 25, 2023

Former Nashua South standout Jadiel Bonfilm had an outstanding season at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Mass., and one wonders if he'll be on the Nashua ISC Pro Eagles roster this spring. (Courtesy photo)

NASHUA – Jared Barbosa says he’s met his match.

That would be the coach of the local semi-pro Eagles of the International Soccer Club of Nashua, Eusebio Marote.

All Marote did this past fall in his other coaching job as the head man at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Mass.

Marote had a fall season to remember as he guided the Knights to an 11-3-1 record, and No. 9 NJCAA national ranking at one point and the Northeast District regional finals. NECC ended up losing 4-1 to Boston’s Bunker Hill CC.

“Man, it’s just so interesting,” Barbosa, the Eagles president, said. “I don’t know that I’ve met that can match my passion for the game. And he’s got it. He eats and breathes this game.

“Players see that. It’s real. Real recognizes real. And he’s one of the real ones.”

The Eagles will have open tryouts will be Saturday, Dec. 16 from 8 to 10 at the New Hampshire SportsPlex in Bedford. They made it to the United Premier Soccer League’s New England Division semifinals last June and hope to progress even further this year.

“We’re really excited to get the season going again, to get the guys up and running,” Barbosa said. “We were really successful last year, in the playoffs and having a good run. We love the core group that we have, they’re a bunch of great guys, the comaraderie is great, the morale is great.

“We’re excited to bring them back, get them all back together. Many of them have had superb college seasons. So we’re excited to get them all back and get the season going.”

And it will be interesting to see the ripple effects from Marote’s image of keeping it real.

“The players see that from him,” Barbosa said of the Daniel Webster College alum. “They feel his energy, and he can pull the best out of these players. He’s showing that. Again, we have a relatively younger team when you talk about the UPSL. And with what he’s been able to do and accomplish with a younger group, it’s been amazing. He’s the right guy.”

Barbosa has watched what Marote did this past fall at NECC and saw it as more validation for him being the choice a couple of years ago as the Eagles head coach. Not only in coaching on the field but in attracting players.

“Oh my gosh yes,” Barbosa said. “In sports, when you see somebody winning, you’re going to want to be a part of that. And that’s what he brings. And I think that’s what it will bring. I’m excited for the open tryouts and the players that do come out.

“There are players out there that want to compete, they want to be successful, train at high levels, and Eusebio is showing he can do that. To take something from the bottom and get that to the top – No. 9 nationally ranked, wow. That’s unbelievable.”

Marote had former Nashua High School South standout Jadiel Bomfim as a key on his team, and that begs the question of whether or not the former Panther would be a good fit at the higher ISC Pro level, as other collegiate players have been. But Bomfim is only one year out of high school.

It appears that would depend on the tryouts or other factors – including age.

“We’ll see, that’s to be determined,” Barbosa said. “Listen, sport is merit based. Jadiel’s a wonderful player. So like anybody else, you come out, you prove yourself. Jadiel’s still young,he’s only 18.”

Barbosa does expect Bomfim to be at the tryout, but even so, there’s no rush. “Jadiel is young, has a lot of talent,” he said. “There is plenty of time for a player like that. We’ll see.”

The Eagles had something last year they may have lacked in previous years – speed. But Barbosa said it varies how they want to use it to their advantage.

“We have to look at a variety of different things, it it’s speed, power, size,” Barbosa said. “Like I said, we’re a young team so it’s important we have a mix of young and expcrience. That’s what the league is about.”

Barbosa looks at at team in the league like Brockton and says that’s what he wants to see his team develop into.

“They’re just grown men on ther team” he said. “It’s about matching that. Experience is a big help to their team.”


Barbosa has hinted for the past few months about a major announcement for the franchise, but no details have been forthcoming as of yet.

“Very soon, very soon,” Barbosa said of when he’d reveal his news. “We’re super excited, it’s going to take us from one level to the next. I think it’s going to be a surprise to everybody,and we’re absolutely looking forward to it.”

It apparently won’t involve any venue change, as Barbosa said the plan is to return to Rivier University’s Merrill Field for next season, which will go from April to June.


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