Greater Nashua Senior Softball results

Newburgh 8, M&N 7

Newburgh had a seven-run lead that it almost squandered and eked out a one-run win. Newburgh scored four runs in the sixth to go ahead 8-1. In the sixth, George Abood doubled in a run and Joe Lamy doubled in two more runs and scored on a single by Paul Valdanbrini.

In the bottom of the sixth, M&N dormant bats suddenly sprang to life and rallied for six runs. George Mosnicka (1 for 2) tripled in a run, Frank Sommer (2 for 3) followed with a double, and the next five hitters all got singles.

Arts 9, Calvary 6

Calvary scored three in the first on timely hitting. Johnny Peterman (3 for 3), Don Kasper (2 for 3) and Leo Melanson (2 for 3) put the Saints ahead.

In the top of the fourth, Peter Olson walloped a two-run homer to knot the score at 3-3. Arts went ahead for good in the fifth when Peter Olson (2 for 4) doubled in two runs, and scored on Ron Monteiro’s (2 for 3) single.

Dr Dionne 14,

Visionworks 9

Visionworks was the last unbeaten team until this day. Jeff Fuller’s (4 for 4) double in the second capped a five-run inning. John Walter’s (3 for 4) bases-loaded double highlighted a three-run third.

Jeff Fuller lined a homer in the fifth, Gary Atkinson’s (2 for 4) tripled and Ken Rousseau’s (2 for 4) single highlighted a five-run fourth.

Visionworks rallied for five runs in the fourth on five consecutive singles and a bases-clearing double by John Tanguay made the score 14-6.

Pine Street 14, IMEC 10

Charlie Howe, Steve Archer and Steve Brzozowski (3 for 4) all got singles in top of the fourth to make the score 4-0. Bill Bowser (4 for 4), Gary Royal (4 for 4) and Jeff Porter got consecutive hits to make the score 6-0.

WIth the score 6-3 in the top of the fourth, the bottom of Pine Street’s order rallied when Joe Cotter (2 for 3) and Fred Mapplebeck (2 for 3) singled. Bill Bowser, Gary Royal and Jeff Porter all singled and when the dust settled the score was 10-3. IMEC rallied for three runs in their half of the fourth when Bob Lamontagne (2 for 4) and Joe Lamy (3 for 4) got big two-out hits. In the top of the sixth, Fred Mapplebeck, Bill Bowser and Gary Royal all singled and scored. Paul Berard (3 for 4) got a key base hit to make the score 14-6.

IMEC 12, Global 9

On a windy day, IMEC started off by scoring five runs in the first inning. Rusty Schwarzenberg, Paul Archer, Steve Coco and Perry Delisle all got key hits.

At the end of seven, the score was tied at 8. In the eighth, Joe D’ambrosio and Geoff Geoffrion broke the game open with singles, and with two outs Tom Anderson cashed in a hit for two more runs. In the bottom of the eighth, Global was able to push across one run, but the rally


Nappy Napolitano was 3 for 4.

Joks 16, M&N 2

Joks jumped out to 4-0 lead in the first keyed with triples by Darryl McDuffee (3 for 4) and Bob Peter (4 for 4). In the second inning, Gary Johnson (4 for 4) walloped a home run.

In the fifth, Joks put the game away with a five-run inning keyed by hits from Ron Lewis (4 for 4) and Nick Fowler (2 for 4). In the sixth, Butch Dunham (2 for 4) triple, Del Patton (3 for 4) doubled, and John Consigli double to paste another four runs on.

M&N only managed eight hits

Calvary 21,

Pine Street 2

Calvary unleashed a 32-hit attack. Rich Rosen, Rick Latham and Don Kasper all had four hits. Gary Boyle was 3 for 5, had a double, a triple and scored four runs.

Johnny Peterman was 3 for 3 with a walk and scored four runs.

Pine Street’s Paul Berard was 3 for 3.

Newburgh 13,

Dr Dionne 9

In the bottom of the third, Bo Buczynski (3 for 3) and super-sub Rusty Schwarzenberg (2 for 3) both doubled to give Calvary a 4-2 lead.

In the fifth, Dionne’s Dick Gillespie (2 for 4), Butch Dunham (2 for 4), pitcher Frank WIlley (3 for 4), Al Czernicki (4 for 4) and Gary Atkinson (3 for 4) all had consecutive singles to put Dionnes ahead 6-5.

In the bottom of the sixth, the bottom of the Bees lineup had five consecutive singles and when Cam Boyd banged a bases- loaded single it put the Bees up 13-6.

Newburgh 12,

Pine Street 8

In the first, Gary Royal’s (3 for 3) triple keyed a three-run inning. The Bees got eight singles, including three singles with two outs by Paul Valdanbrini, Miguel Miranda and pitcher Ted Theos (3 for 3) to make the score 5-3.

Pine Street struck for four in the third when Charlie Howe (2 for 3) looped a triple down the right-field line, then Gary Royal and Paul Berard followed with doubles to make the score 7-6.

Once again, the Bees responded as George Abood’s (4 for 4) hit a towering double to drive in 2 runners with outs, and Don Clark (4 for 4) followed that up with a triple to right.

Visionworks 12,

Global 11

Things started off well for Global in the top of the first. Paul Archer’s double and Bert Guimond’s (3 for 3) single put the plastic people up 5-0. That lead didn’t last long, as the Eyecharter’s scored five of their own in the bottom of the first. John Chase (3 for 4), Larry Kittle and Greg Gougian (3 for 3) all had doubles to knot the score at 3-3. Global pasted another five on the board in the third when Bob Royce (2 for 3), Dr Bob Liscio (3 for 3) and Ed Jaracz all got big hits with two outs to make the score 10-6.

Dr Dionne 16,

Calvary 1

Dr. Dionne banged out 21 hits in five innings to post a lopsided 16-1 win. In the first, John Walter (2 for 3), Ken Rousseau (2 for 3), Larry Hersh and Lee Hess all had consecutive singles. In the 2nd, Mike Yeoman (2 for 3), Mike Barnhart (2 for 3), Dick Gillespie (2 for 4), Rusty Schwarzenberg (4 for 4, and hit for the cycle!), and Frank WIlley (2 for 4) got consecutive hits to make the score 9-0.

Calvary only managed to get 10 hits, but Mike Albano was

3 for 3.

Arts 21, IMEC 16

Arts came back from scores of 9-2 and 14-7 to win. In Art’s first Wally Hedlund (4 fo 5) started the scoring to put his team up 2-0. IMEC’s Armand Cortez (3 for 4) doubled in two runs to key a fiverun first. Joe Lamy’s double in IMEC’s second inning lead to IMEC building a 9-2, and seemingly comfortably ahead.

Ron Monteiro’s (4 for 5) single in Art’s third made the score 9-7. IMEC scored four more in the third, when Wayne Hanson (2 for 4) had a bases loaded single.

In the fourth, Rich Rosen’s (4 for 5) single keyed a three-run inning making the score 14-9. In the fifth, Bob Beaver’s (2 for 4) double keyed another three-run inning.

IMEC replied when Charlie Mooradian’s (1 for 2) single was the big hit to make it 15-12. In the sixth, Art’s tied the game when Ron Monteiro’s double knotted the game.

In the eighth, Steve Brzozowski and Ron Monteiro got bases- loaded singles to blow the game open.