Silver Knights plan special game of chicken

As the story goes, in 1946, local poultry farmer, Jack Fallgren of Nashua, offered a unique award to any player who hit a home run at Holman Stadium: 100 live baby chicks. At the time, the fence at Holman extended further than those in most professional parks, and the feat of hitting one out was a tough one.

That was until, a man by the name of Roy Campanella joined the team.

Campanella, who’s combination of speed on the base paths and power hitting, tallied 14 home runs that season, most of which on inside-the-park drives. It was joked that Campanella could start his own poultry farm with his winnings, and that is just what he did, shipping the 1,400 baby chicks to his father in Philadelphia, who then started his very own poultry farm.

So what does this mean for the Nashua Silver Knights? Well, in the spirit of honoring the 75th anniversary of baseball at Historic Holman Stadium, the Silver Knights will be giving away our own baby chicks – stuffed ones.

The stuffed baby chicks will be thrown into the stands for fans to grab after every Silver Knights home run by the player who hit the home run.

“We hope this fun promotion will become a fan favorite and a tradition,” Silver Knights president Tim Bawmann said. “When a Silver Knight cranks one out this summer, keep your eyes open and hands up so you can start a stuffed poultry farm of your own at home.”


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