Only one way for Patriots to cure their headache

Alan Greenwood

In courtrooms there is a presumption of innocence, the bedrock of our justice system.

Everywhere else, there is a presumption of guilt, particularly if the party in question is a celebrity. Make it a professional athlete and the only sound that comes through the static is the name of the alleged evil doer and the charge.

That is to say, who besides Antonio Brown and his accuser know the truth? That answer begins and ends with no one.

There are grounded reasons to look at both sides with a healthy measure of skepticism. With that in mind, there is no good reason for a humble scribe to wade through those deep waters here.

As for the public relations nightmare that has descended upon Gillette Stadium, we contend that the Patriots really have no choice.

They need to dismiss Brown immediately, in whatever manner is open to them under the rules of the NFL and the laws of the land . This is known as cutting your losses.

Not that the team’s image is all that rosy outside New England. Patriots haters will ratchet up the volume and add Brown to trash heap that holds SpyGate, DeflateGate, and all those smaller incidents that don’t rise to the level of -Gates.

The Brown saga is not going to fade away very quickly, not unless there is a extra-large shoe ready to drop. The immensely talented, psychologically scarred wide receiver was not worth the risk a few days ago. Now the best the Pats can hope for is muffling the drumbeats and hope the rhetorical feeding frenzy burns out in a matter of weeks rather than months.

TIME TRAVEL: Sept. 12, 1964 – “A 14-game schedule, which includes two contests with nearby Hollis – a newcomer to the state’s soccer ranks – has been listed for the Alvirne High booters this season.

“Coach Jim Marion has been working with a record number of 35 candidates during the past three weeks of preliminary drills and next week moves into a polishing up period in preparation for the Sept. 18 opener at Hollis.

“Leading the delegation are several veterans. The nucleus is made up of Bob McCarthy, Bob Moreau, Ted Wardwell, Donald Landry, Ronald Kleiner, Donald Hardy and Peter Cox.”

PLACE YOUR BETS: The Nashua Board of Alderman approved a ballot measure for the upcoming city elections seeking voters’ guidance on the legalization of sports betting. In an effort to head off a few of the bombastic myths that will be used by opponents:

Allowing sports gambling would not lead to the city’s streets being flooded with low-lifes.

It would not be an accelerant for all those ugly activities that anti-gambling crusaders connect with casinos.

It would not lead to a parade of citizens becoming addicted to checking point spreads every day.

Sports gambling already exists. All this measure would do is bring it into the open, hopefully resulting in a little more revenue for worthy causes.

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