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By Telegraph Staff - | Mar 3, 2018

Courtesy photo Greater Nashua Boys and Girls Club wrestling coach Charlie Bruseo holds up the team's second place trophy as he and his wrestlers celebrate their performance at the recent NHWAY 12U state tournament at South.

The Greater Nashua Boys&Girls Club K-5 wrestlers finished second in the New Hampshire Wrestling Association for Youth 12U State Tournament held recently at Nashua High School South.

Salem won the event with 64 points, while Nashua was second with 35. Litchfield was ninth with 19 points while Merrimack finished 11th with 13.

For Nashua, Cole Brandt, Jacob LaCroix, Ian McCubrey, Sam Matson, Logan LaCroix, and Owen Gagnon all earned first-place finishes in their weight classes.

Mason Mizula earned a second-place finish. Third-place finishers were Eli Gagnon and Caden Bruseo.

Also competing for the Pride were Adam Collier, Aiden Smith-Nightengale, Ben Byrne, Connor Whitman, and Isabelle Brandt.

For Merrimack, third grader Rhys Dewar took home his fourth straight state title as he breezed through his bracket completing two wins by pin and one win by points.

Jackson Meehan, grade 4, took home his third straight title pinning two of his opponents and completing his final win by points.

Meanwhile, kindergartener Bennett Meehan had three pins on the day with only one loss, grabbing third-place medal in the 43-pound bracket.

Kameron Lewis, grade K, completed one win by pin on the day in the 47 pound bracket.

First grader, Olivia Dine had a commanding win by points in her third round, taking home fourth place in the 52-pound division.

Ryan Marone, grade 2, fought hard at 85, falling into consolations after his falling in his first match by a single point.

Benjamin Koudriashov, grade 3 ,fought hard in the tough 64-pound bracket.

Third grader Kael McAloon also faced stiff competition at 61 pounds. He bounced back in the third round with a commanding win by points after falling into the consolation bracket but ultimately fell in the fourth round.

Luke Emond, grade 3, followed a similar path with a win by pin in third round in the consolation bracket. But he also ultimately fell in the fourth by points.

Fourth grader Cayden Dine faced one of the largest brackets on the day. He completed four wins by pin and grabbed fourth place in the final match, only falling by a mere few points in a very close matchup. Another fourth grader, Gryffen Gelinas completed one win by points in his first match and fought hard in his 68-pound bracket.

Sixth graders Mitchell Krupp and Brendan Curley both finished third at 103 and 123. Curley had one win by points in his final match.

Luke Dewar also represented Merrimack in an exhibition match against Jude Correa, a Doughboy wrestler from Pelham and recorded a pin.

Top four placers qualified to compete in the Youth New England Wrestling Championships. And top three placers qualified to potentially participate in the 2018 NYWAY National Spring Duals in Brockport, N.Y.

Complete results of the meet:

Under Age 6 Division (6U)

37 pound 1-A. Cappuchi (Salem), 2-C. Cataldo (Rebels)

43 pound 1-G. Cappuchi (Salem), 2-C. Jones (MPAL), 3-B. Meehan (Merrimack)

47 pound 1-J. Figueiredo (Londonderry), 2-R. Onorato (Keene), 3-C. Castonguay (Litchfield)

52 pound 1-R. Lemire (Salem), 2-J. Jordan (Manchester), 3-N. Abbari (MPAL)

58 pound 1-R. Greco (Steel Mat), 2-B. Beckman (Salem), 3-J. Gosselin (Newport)

64 pound 1-J. Lord (Newport), 2-A. Ciresi (Salem)

72 pound 1-H. Corman (Mancheser), 2-W. Riley (Manchester), 3-S. Josey (Portsmouth)

Under Age 8 Division (8U)

43 pound 1-L. Lacroix (Nashua), 2-M. Callahan (Manchester)

49 pound 1-T. Malley (Litchfield), 2-C. Mucha (Keene), 3-L. Griffin (Kearsarge)

52 pound 1-B. Sepoundy (Kearsarge), 2-Z. Waters (Keene), 3-L. Cunha (Pelham)

56 pound 1-J. Silfies (Steel Mat), 2-C. Mustapha (Salem), 3-Z. Freni (Salem)

58 pound 1-T. O’Brien (Salem), 2-B. Graham (Salem), 3-B. Rakley (Litchfield)

61 pound 1-C. Brandt (Nashua), 2-B. Brown (Steel Mat), 3-C. Arsenault (Pelham)

64 pound 1-B. Maslanek (Pelham), 2-C. McGrail (Salem), 3-E. Gagnon (Nashua)

67 pound 1-J. Greco (Steel Mat), 2-T. Breton (Litchfield), 3-D. Jones (MPAL)

72 pound 1-C. Holden (Londonderry), 2-J. Algeo (Litchfield), 3-H. Farkas (Keene)

77 pound 1-J. Hamm (Keene), 2-J. Greenwood (Pelham), 3-N. Guarino (Pelham)

85 pound 1-R. Dewar (Merrimack), 2-J. Smith (Litchfield), 3-K. Miner (Keene)

97 pound 1-B. Waller-Reitano (Salem), 2-R. Prentice (MPAL)

106 pound 1-T. Dehney (Rebels), 2-G. Guerraro (Pelham)

Under Age 10 Division (10U)

56 pound 1-S. Matson (Nashua), 2-J. Howard (Rebels)

60 pound 1-O. Gagnon (Nashua)

64 pound 1-J. Lacroix (Nashua), 2-B. Flewelling (Newport), 3-M. Boudreau (Salem)

68 pound 1-L. Smith (Salem), 2-E. Donovan (Pelham), 3-B. Palmer (Newport)

72 pound 1-C. Smith (Salem), 2-R. O’Brien (Salem), 3-J. Merchant (Unattached)

77 pound 1-C. Arbogast (Smitty’s), 2-J. Carter (Steel Mat), 3-K. Alsup (Salem)

82 pound 1-D. Pento Jr. (Smitty’s), 2-C. Palma (Rebels), 3-L. Bordeleau (Steel Mat)

88 pound 1-W. Nicholls (Salem), 2-B. Jackson (Manchester), 3-L. Corman (Manchester)

96 pound 1-J. Meehan (Merrimack), 2-L. Mackiernan (Rebels), 3-T. Sander (Keene)

108 pound 1-E. Josey (Portsmouth), 2-J. Kullan (MPAL), 3-N. Duquette (Manchester)

125 pound 1-I. McCubrey (Nashua), 2-S. Hammond (Steel Mat), 3-G. Farkas (Keene)

143 pound 1-R. Collins (Portsmouth), 2-C. Decato (Newport), 3-J. Paradis (Manchester)

Under Age 12 Division (12U)

69 pound 1-B. McDonald (Salem), 2-N. Abbari (MPAL), 3-A. Alrobaiay (Portsmouth)

73 pound 1-M. Ziniti (Smitty’s)

77 pound 1-S. Goodwin (Mancheser), 2-L. Allaire (Litchfield), 3-C. Bruseo (Nashua)

81 pound 1-M. Harrington (Pelham), 2-D. Suliveras (Smitty’s), 3-T. Dubriske (Keene)

86 pound 1-D. Sepoundy (Kearsarge)

91 pound 1-J. Emerson (Manchester)

97 pound 1-W. Murphy (Unattached), 2-M. Mizula (Nashua), 3-S. Griffin (Kearsarge)

103 pound 1-M. Mustapha (Salem), 2-M. Decato (Newport), 3-M. Krupp (Merrimack)

111 pound 1-J. Correa (Doughboys), 2-N. Ermita (Unattached), 3-A. Waters (Keene)

123 pound 1-A. Dehney (Rebels), 2-C. Shepard (Newport), 3-B. Curley (Merrimack)

138 pound 1-E. Ray (Newport)

154 pound 1-H. Robinson (Rebels), 2-L. Hawk (MPAL), 3-L. Whisler (Portsmouth)

202 pound 1-P. Vachon (Mancheser), 2-B. MacNeil (Rebels), 3-M. Pappas (Manchester)



Cavaliers tryouts set

TheSouthern NH Cavaliers have announced tryout dates for the 2018-2019 season. All tryouts will be at Skate 3 in Tyngsborough, Mass.

Mites – Skills on March 6 at 5:05 p.m., scrimmage on March 13 at 5:05 p.m.

Squirts – Skills on March 5 at 5:55 p.m.; scrimmage on March 12 at 5:55 p.m.

PeeWees – Skills on March 5 at 7:20 p.m.; scrimmage on March 12 at 7:20 p.m.; Bantam – Skills on March 5 at 8:20 p.m.; scrimmage on March 12 at 8:20 p.m.

Midget – Skills on March 18 at 9:40a.m.; Scrimmage on March 18 at 10:50 a.m.


Hollis Brookline registraton

Registration for Hollis Brookline Youth Lacrosse is now open. Those interested can register at hblax.com/registration


Umpire training begins

The Nashua Baseball Umpires Association has begun its annual Umpire Academy, running through the end of March.

This training is for new or returning umpires interested in umpiring at the Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth levels. For additional information, go to nashuaumpires.org and follow the Umpire Academy link, email nashuaumps@gmail.com or call 203-8569.

Cal Ripken registration

Nashua Cal Ripken Spring 2018 Registration is now open. Cost of registration for T-Ball, Rookies, and Minor levels is $40, while AAA and Majors levels are $50.

The family registration cap is $75.

Players may register at nashuacalripken.org or contact info@nashuacalripken.org for more information.

This division of Babe Ruth baseball is beginning its 36th year. In All-Star competition, Nashua was the 2017 12U state champions and the 2017 11U state champions.


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