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Q&A with Bishop Guertin’s Kristen Coumas

By Hector Longo | Oct 16, 2019

Telegraph photo by HECTOR LONGO Bishop Guertin's Kristen Coumas is a four-year varsity player and National Honor Society student.

A four-year varsity performer, Kristen Coumas has seen plenty of highs with the Bishop Guertin volleyball program. The Cardinals’ senior is working hard to return the team, which improved to 7-8 with the dramatic Wednesday night win over Nashua North, to its lofty position in Division I.

“Volleyball is my passion,” she said after leaving all she had on the floor.

The National Honor Society student from Hudson took a few minutes to chat and let us all get to know her.

Being a four-year varsity player, you’ve played at the highest levels. How is this team shaping up?

“This year we’ve had a lot of underclassmen coming up with only four seniors. We’ve really taken them under our wing and spent so much time together to grow as a team. It’s really transferred onto the court for us.”

Can you guys make the playoffs and how do you think it will go?

“I think if we work together, this team bonds and keeps growing, we’re going to be great.”

How long have you been playing the game and what makes it special?

“I’ve been playing volleyball since seventh grade. I love the feeling when everyone thinks there is no way you can get that ball, and you give it all you have, and you get a touch on it. It’s the best satisfaction in the world.”

OK, so what makes BG volleyball so special?

“I played at Nashua Catholic when I was younger, it was for fun. BG has given me that team bonding. As a freshman I was so scared being on the team. As a sophomore, I felt like these were my sisters.”

How did you prepare for this, your senior season?

“This summer I played for Mill City in Lowell, a travel team, and I played beach volleyball, too. That really helped.”

So which do you like more? Indoor or beach?

“I’d say indoor. I like the team game.”

No other sports, right? What else do you do?

“I’m so into volleyball. It’s my focus. I also work at T-Bones in Hudson.”

Hmm. T-Bones? Say I went there for a late dinner tonight, what do you suggest?

“I’d say the All-American Burger with the homemade chips. You can’t beat it.”

So you are an NHS student and a heck of an athlete. Any thoughts on college?

“A few colleges have talked to me for volleyball. I think I just want to pick a school I’m in love with, regardless of volleyball.”

And right now, which one are you in love with?

“Right now, it’s a tossup between Holy Cross and St. A’s. It’s pretty close. I love them both.”


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