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Nashua officials investigating student clash caught on video

By Grace Pecci | Oct 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: On Monday, reporters and editors at The Telegraph watched videos posted to social media that appear to show a female student hitting another female student at Fairgrounds Middle School in Nashua. We have chosen not to place these videos on our website or social media platforms because they appear to depict violence against a juvenile.

Also, The Telegraph interviewed the father of the student who appears to be the one under attack in the videos. The Telegraph staff has chosen not to use this man’s name because we do not intend to identify the alleged victim.

NASHUA — Monday, School District Superintendent Jahmal Mosley said officials are investigating reports of bullying and violence at Fairgrounds Middle School after videos that appear to show a female student repeatedly hitting another female student in the face went viral on social media.

“It’s very disturbing,” Mosley told The Telegraph of the videos. “As a father, as a parent of a middle schooler at Fairgrounds, this puts a pit in my stomach.”

“This is not representative of the Nashua School District,” he added.

In a prepared statement, Mosley said he was informing parents and community members that they are deeply disturbed by this incident.

“Students engaging in these types of incidents are disciplined according to the Discipline Policy of the Nashua School District (JIC). Furthermore, we have contacted law enforcement for support and guidance on this matter. Any student involved in this or any subsequent incidents (fighting or recording a fight) will have consequences,” Mosley stated.

“We want every student who attends Fairgrounds Middle School and all Nashua District schools to be safe and we will not condone any acts of violence and videotaping any acts of violence,” he added.

According to the father of the alleged victim, the bullying began on Sept. 26 when threats were made that his daughter was going to be jumped by a group of girls at the school. According to the student’s father, just days prior, they were all friends.

A video posted from Sept. 27 appears to show the girl pulled to the ground by her hair – and subsequently punched or slapped in the face several times. Another student is the one who reportedly videotaped the incident.

After the first incident, the alleged victim’s father said he went to Fairgrounds Middle School for a meeting with a vice principal and a school counselor.

“They said they were going to deal with it,” the parent told The Telegraph.

“(The vice principal) told me he was doing everything in his power to handle it,” he added.

The father said threats were then made the next day, on Sept. 28, which were again discussed with the vice principal.

The father said he also spoke with Nashua police. He said they told him there was nothing they could do to stop this from happening and that no charges could be filed with them.

According to the father, the girl who punched his daughter received a suspension from the school. However, this was far from the end of the story.

“While the girl was out on suspension, she had one of her friends threaten my daughter to the point where my daughter was dismissed from school in tears from that whole situation,” the parent said. This was on Friday.

The father said on Monday, his daughter was attacked again, this time by a different girl while she was looking in the opposite direction. Once again it was filmed, and this time, her father said, she was hit about 25 times.

This has prompted yet another meeting with the vice principal, as well as a principal and a police officer.

“They basically all told me there’s nothing we can do,” the parent said.

The father said officials told him they would investigate the matter and implement disciplinary action according to school protocol. It was also suggested that his daughter should change schools, he said.

When he attempted to get in contact with a Nashua Police Department captain or supervisor to talk about the incident, the parent said he was “shied away by the front desk.”

“They said basically there’s nothing they can do. The women at the desk advised me to go to the Superintendent’s office and file a complaint there,” the father said.

For the parent, it is similar to going in circles.

“Now, I’m understanding fully why kids are acting the way they’re acting, committing suicide. When you reach out for help and everyone at every avenue denies you, it’s disgusting,” the parent said.

Grace Pecci may be reached at 603-594-1243 or gpecci@nashuatelegraph.com.


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