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Longo’s Friday Football Feast: North, South put Nashua back in game

By Hector Longo - Sports Writer | Oct 4, 2019

Last Friday might have been as good a night for football in Nashua as we’ve seen in over a decade.

Nashua North knocked off perennially monster Exeter High on Lucas Cunningham’s 33-yard field goal to remain unbeaten at 4-0. Nashua South took a major stride to the playoff hunt, dominating a tough Merrimack bunch on its own turf.

And you know who was on the wrong side of both decisions.

The South sideline furnished looks of “Come on, man!” to The Big Fella as the Panthers built the lead. I can only imagine Cunningham saw nothing but the smarmy look on my giant squash as he pummeled that game-winner with his right foot.

Good for you guys. Not so good for me as the 6-2 week makes it 27-5 on the year.

With my one perfect week ever now a distant, forgotten memory, we go to a Week 5 for the ages.

Game of the Week I

Nashua North vs. Nashua South: No road team here. These two Stellos’ tenants collide in what portends to be a classic and a bit of a track meet.

Speed vs. speed.

Curtis Harris vs. Jason Compoh.

South played with such purpose one week ago, as if the Panthers understood the consequences of defeat. They looked ravenous.

I can’t imagine there will be any complacency in this one.

So I’ll ride it the recency bias.

Panthers 31, Titans 29

Game of the Week II

Souhegan at Milford: Common sense says think about the conditions. That Milford grass has to be softened up.

The Spartans take to the muddy track nicely. You try tackling Junior Ughu in a mud bog and see what it’s like.

But then again, I remember how nicely Souhegan adapted in the playoffs at Bow last November. This is no “turf team.” The Sabers are legit.

Another coin flip in my eyes. So I’ll go with similar thinking. Maybe Milford, which hasn’t lost yet, isn’t quite as voracious as the team with one loss.

Sabers 37, Sparty 35

And the Rest

Alvirne at Sanborn: Most important for the Broncos, get healthy for when it matters. No shockers here.

Broncos 31, Indians 7

Hollis Brookline at Pelham: Styles makes fights. And Pelham’s style gave Hollis Brookline fits a year ago. Tough spot to be in for the Cavs. Not sure this is an upset.

Pythons 21, Cavs 17

Campbell at Trinity: Again, I’m getting to be like Tom King. He picks the Patriots every week. I pick the Cougars every week. Last time King picked against the Pats, Keegan Mills was in preschool. He’s a man now. The man.

Cougars 40, Pioneers 28

Merrimack at Bishop Guertin: This one is the sleeper game of the week. All the state will be watching on Saturday night. Merrimack is making its last stand here. Win or start thinking about playing for pride.

I have faith that when the dust (or rubber turf pellets) settle, Division I West will be as muddled as the Democratic presidential field.

Tomahawks 28, Cards 21


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