Longo’s Friday Football Feast: Panthers to handle Cardinals

What did I ever do to the people of Hudson?

When I go to an event at Alvirne High, I’m sure to stop at Rocco’s for a steak bomb or Findeisen’s for a chocolate frappe. Driving to the office, I hit the Dairy Queen drive-thru on Route 111 more times than this fat old man should.

Yet, here we are on my way to a perfect opening weekend and the Broncos bury me again, showing the grit and moxie that a team with 27 seniors should and blanking a tough Pelham High team.

Repeat after me, Longo. I will not doubt Gora. I will not doubt Gora. I will not doubt Gora. I will not …

So, instead we settle for a 7-1 opener – sharp on what could be a tricky week but still


Hey, as Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said the other night after the Patriots smacked around his club:

“We busted it. We own it. We chew it. It sucks.”

We’re on to Week 2.

Game of the Week

Nashua South vs. Bishop Guertin: Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon… Sorry to channel my inner Vanessa Williams here.

In Week 2 we are indeed saving the best for last. (Side note 1: I promise only to use this tired, old song lyric once … per football season).

This Stellos Stadium intra-city war is the only game in town Saturday night at 6:30, and that means potential fireworks.

Two things point to this one being closer than one might think. First, it’s the rivalry. Second, it’s the fact that South was all out to hold off a team called the “ClipperCats.” (Side note 2: Please change this name, maybe to BobClips instead).

Still, Guertin is beaten up injury-wise at the wrong spots. The Panthers move to 2-0.

Nashua South 22, BG 12.

And the Rest

Spaulding at Nashua North: The Red Raiders gave Merrimack fits last week. This time, though, they make the trip down Route 101.

Trust me, in this East-West matchup, the homefield is worth seven points (10 if Keene is involved). Too much Titans.

Nashua North 28, Spaulding 12.

Dover at Merrimack: Dot the Is, cross the Ts and move to 2-0.

That should be the Tomahawks’ approach here. Merrimack is the better team, playing at home. That’s plenty in this one.

Merrimack 31, Dover 7.

Milford at Manchester West: Don’t be late! Two teams that love to run the football. Expect that clock to motor. As fast as Gavin Urda looked at home Friday night, he picks up the pace on the turf.

Sparty 36, West 17

ConVal at Souhegan: You can’t say that every week is a must-win in Division II South, but you need to come to play.

I simply feel like the Sabers don’t need too much to get up for their home opener.

Get the football to athletes on fake turf. I love the concept, especially in Amherst.

Souhegan 34, ConVal 9

Alvirne at St. Thomas: For small school New Hampshire football, St. Thomas is a pretty tough place to play.

That said, I’m not wavering. In fact, I’ll state for the record. When it comes to the Broncos, I’m like Tom King with the Patriots – picking them every week.

Alvirne 27, St. Thomas 21.

Hanover at Hollis Brookline: At week’s end, Quinten Wimmer’s injury status remained unclear.

My opinion in this one? Crystal.

HB 32, Hanover 6

Campbell at Epping: The average victory margin in Division III football was 35 points in Week 1. Epping-Newmarket had the distinction of losing only by 28, the lowest of all the spreads.

That does not bode well for the Devils this week, though.

Campbell 30, Epping Newmarket 0.