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Local Commentary

Senior perks and recreation

Yes, I got the email. The one promising “senior perks.” If I walked with a HurryCane, I’d smack somebody with it. I’d trade a folder full of porn spam for an inbox that had no references to A.A.R.P., heart monitors, medic alert paraphernalia, catheters, hearing aids, Stair Lift ...

Juan Valdez spins in his grave

As someone who prefers his iced coffee with just light cream, I nearly dropped my chalupa when I saw a photo on the Internet of a Dunkin’ extra-large coffee that nearly put me into sugar shock. I can’t verify that it was an actual customer order, but I could clearly read the sticker that ...

Remembering back when parades were a big deal

I can remember when going to a parade as a kid was a big deal. It was something we looked forward to. Parades were held in Nashua for most of the major patriotic holidays; Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Fourth of July, and I think I can remember a Labor Day event or two. It didn’t have to be ...

Fun with bowling, if such a thing exists

Ah, the bowling alley, the poor man’s country club. Some tease that bowling is a sport for people who do not have the talent to spare. When I was a kid, hockey announcer Bob Gamere hosted the popular local show, “Candlepins for Cash.” Who knew that this landmark show would inspired ...