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Used holiday greeting cards destined to deliver messages twice

By CHRIS GRAHAM - Chris' Mailbag | Sep 24, 2022

Chris Graham

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. The poet’s message featured in an inspirational greeting card is likely one which might be saved along with cards expressing love, admiration, gratitude, joy, celebration, encouragement, and sympathy. Many cards, while appreciated and cherished, may tend to accumulate. A Mailbag reader with cards saved is hoping to find an individual or organization to recycle greetings.


Greetings to greet others

“I’m happy to hear you are still doing the Mailbag, it has been such a help in so many ways for so many people” writes Marilyn L. of Londonderry. “A very long time ago you printed an article about groups looking for used greeting cards where they were put to use again. I just came across that article in my saved but very old stack of old informative news articles. I again have a big pile of cards that I would love to recycle. I did call the number in the article (the one I dealt with the last time) knowing that she and her husband were pretty elderly by now and not involved but thought she might have some suggestions. We had a very nice conversation. Her husband has been in the hospital quite ill, they have been married for 62 years, and she is missing him. I believe she said he was the one that dropped the cards off to wherever they were being donated. I’m hoping we can find somewhere that has a need for them.” The custom of sending greeting cards allows us to connect with people who have touched our lives. Recycling cards establishes connections for yet as others. Marilyn can be reached at 1-800-868-3224 (fax: 603-647-0116).


‘TIMBER!…Big tent to set up camp

“Chris, glad you are back!” says Mark R. of Nashua. “I have an 18 x 15 Northwest Territory Big Timber four-room tent. It is missing the poles but generic replacement poles might be substituted.” Tents have been providing dry and safe shelter for more than 50,000 years or so of human history. Archaeological evidence of tent ruins in Russia has been verified from carbon dating from about 40,000 B.C. and descriptions of tents are found in the Bible. Recreational tent camping became increasingly popular in the 1960s with poles made of fiberglass or aluminum alloys, zippered doors, lighter transport weight, and materials like nylon making tents more resistant to the elements. It is estimated that 48 million households went camping in 2020. If camping is on your recreational agenda and you need a tent, you might want to contact Mark via email at peakbaggers@gmail.com.


Computer would help his Mom

“My Mom needs a computer and I am hoping you {Chris’ Mailbag} may be able to help” writes Reymond B. of Nashua. “Will pick up in Nashua, or can be dropped off. Thank you.” Computers have become part of daily life for communication, games, movies, music for entertainment, shopping, and whatever else one’s interest may be. While technology may be somewhat confusing at first, access to a computer may prove invaluable once one gets the hang of it. Anyone wanting to offer a computer to Reymond for his mom should please give him a call at 603-948-8994. Let me know if you make any ‘computer connection’.



“So glad to hear that Chris’ Mailbag is coming back to the Sunday Telegraph!” writes Pat H. of Merrimack, a master crochet instructor who also facilitates a drop-in crochet program through the Merrimack School Adult Ed program one of who’s major goals is making things for donation to organizations including Operation Gratitude (US Military) NH Children’s Trust, Manchester Birthright, Nashua Soup Kitchen, and Harbor Homes in Nashua and Manchester. In response to Chris’ Mailbag offering several large bags of assorted yarn and quilting supplies (Mailbag for August 21, 2022), Pat will be contacted as the recipient of the yarn. It’s a pleasure to know the yarn will be going to such good causes.

Contact Chris’ Mailbag by emailing christine.graham33@gmail.com or sending mail to Chris’ Mailbag c/o The Telegraph, 110 Main St., Suite 1, Nashua 03060. Include full name and complete address, along with telephone number or email address for publication, if applicable. Items eligible for publication are for donation, trade or barter only; requests of items for sale or purchase will not be included.


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