Local economy needs our support; in doing so, we all benefit

More than ever, our world is changing before our very eyes – quite literally. We watch the news and shake our heads. We hug our loved ones a little tighter, and reach out to those we haven’t spoken to in some time. Maybe we’re even repairing some rickety bridges.

So many of us are waking up to different routines, needing to complete our tasks and responsibilities from home while trying to maintain our relationships – with ourselves as much as with others. Those of us who use social media are probably checking in a little more often than we used to during the work day. We’re looking for a laugh, for updates, headlines, information, inspiration, kind gestures and a little hope from our fellow humans.

A lot of folks are able to work from home, but a significant number of employees simply do not have the option and, consequently, have found themselves with far fewer hours, if any at all. Restaurants across the nation have had no choice but to close their doors, their teams left in the darkness of uncertainty: File for unemployment? Sign up to be a gig worker (Uber, Lyft, Instacart, etc) and hope the competition isn’t too steep and that people are still spending? Hope that the hardship relief package trickles down far enough and in time?

It seems like no matter how many options we’re assured there are, none are certain and any one of them could be a risk.

These are hard times, but remember: There are beacons of light all around us.

In the spirit of optimism and community support, we here at The Telegraph would like to put a spotlight on the variety of establishments in Nashua and the surrounding areas that are remaining open to provide delivery and takeout options to the community: mom-and-pop places, small chains, even franchises – because they all have families to provide for, and employees to pay and empower while making delicious food (and sometimes drinks!) available to those of us who can afford it from time to time.

Despite their own likely struggles, some even are providing free meals to kids who are missing out on those that were previously available at school.

The plan at this time is to let you know about a restaurant each day. We’ll tell you a little about them, provide examples of their available menu items, and let you know how to contact them. We might even sneak in a few photos!

If you would like to suggest a restaurant to showcase, please send a link for their website, Facebook page, and/or Facebook post to: evassar@nashuatelegraph.com.

Our local economy is the center of the larger picture, and when we support it, we all reap the benefits. We lift up ourselves, our neighbors and our community.

Be good to you and yours. Be good to each other. Think of the future, as uncertain as it is, as much as you do the now.

And please don’t forget to tip!


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