Why I’m supporting Buttigieg

November 2020 will be the most important election of my lifetime, without a doubt. Like so many Americans, I am ready to turn the page on the divisiveness and vitriol of the Trump presidency.

When this presidency comes to an end – and it will – our nation will need a leader to heal the country and put forth bold solutions for the greatest challenges we face. This election is about the future of our deeply divided nation and who has the energy, the ideas and the vision to unite our country. We need a leader who can meet the needs and fulfill the dreams of every American.

I believe that Pete Buttigieg is the candidate to get the job done.

Like Barack Obama before him, Pete is young, inspiring, brings fresh ideas to the table and is motivated to win. Pete has the courage and the temperament to lead us to a better future.

I first met Mayor Pete last winter at Gibson’s Bookstore on Main Street in Concord on his first trip to New Hampshire. In a crushing crowd, Pete laid out his vision for America – an America built upon our shared values of decency, integrity and respect. And an America where we all stand together and there is opportunity for every family to thrive and succeed.

Pete shared his military experience as an intelligence officer in the Naval reserve, including his 2014 deployment to Afghanistan, his faith, his record as mayor of South Bend, and his personal story.

Throughout this primary, I have had an opportunity to spend time with most of the candidates. I’ve been happy to welcome folks to New Hampshire and help them understand the unique challenges we face here in the Granite State. And I have been proud to share our innovative solutions as well.

I watched carefully then, and since, in audiences around New Hampshire, as women and men, young and old, of all faiths and backgrounds, listened intently and found inspiration and common ground with Pete’s story.

Pete Buttigieg is the candidate with the ideas, the integrity, the energy and the temperament to win the general election, and even more importantly, to bring our country together and move us all forward to a brighter future.

A future when Americans will have access to quality health care that everyone can afford.

A future with education, opportunity and higher wages so that every American family can dream big.

A future with a carbon-free clean environment that everyone can enjoy.

And a future with the promise that whoever you are, wherever you live and whomever you love, the future will be bright for you and your family.

The people of New Hampshire have a big decision to make on Tuesday. The first primary election in the nation is a great responsibility. As Granite Staters, this is a responsibility we are honored and proud to take on.

By building a coalition of progressive Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are just fed up, I believe that Pete Buttigieg will win in November and lead our country to a brighter future for every American.

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster represents New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.


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