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Democrats and The Inquisition

By Di Lothrop - Guest Columnist | Nov 17, 2019

Have we reverted back to the Middle Ages? Democrats in Congress would have us believe so. The Spanish Inquisition (1478 to the early 1800s) was established to identify and purify heretics (definition: someone whose ideas go against the norm), and bring them to justice.

In their zealousness of creating the illusion that President Donald Trump has to go simply because he doesn’t think like them, we have a Tribunal of Capitol Hill Democrat Inquisitors invading D.C. and the entire country with their secret impeachment attempt to bring down the president.

It’s hard to transition into present-day Democrats because, quite frankly, there is no distinction between them. In the Middle Ages, the Inquisitors’ primary purpose was to destroy the power of those in control and enhance their own power by way of their perverted concept of persecuted justice. Where is the distinction?

We all know that Democrats started their impeachment process even while Trump was campaigning for president, and they haven’t stopped. It has become a partisan show helped by the American media (think AP, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, et al) who have all demanded impeachment since the president’s inauguration.

For the first time in history, we have a rogue Speaker of the House and a pathetic handful of congressional committee chairmen chasing down – nothing! First, they claimed obstruction of justice. That didn’t go anywhere. Then, they claimed the president was “working on behalf of the Russians.” That hasn’t gone anywhere. Then, they claimed a quid-pro-quo. That hasn’t gone anywhere. They refuse to identify the so-called whistleblower and instead bring out “witnesses” whose testimony are all second and third hand … in other words, hearsay. They give their “witnesses” leading questions and make them into martyrs because they thought they were mistreated by the resident, all of which would be thrown out in a court of law for lack of actual evidence. They are running out of options and have told so many unproven lies against this president that they’ve lost their own focus.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking foreign heads of state or intelligence officials to cooperate with an official Justice Department investigation. It has been done in previous administrations. Remember Barack Obama and his infamous hot-mic “private” conversation with then-Russian President Medvedev? Obama told him he “would have more flexibility after the election” because Obama expected to be re-elected. Remember Hilary Clinton and the DNC (with the help of their friend Obama) hiring a foreign operative to dig up dirt on Trump and the Russians? When Clinton’s campaign got caught, they claimed it was just opposition research. And I have swamp land to sell.

New Hampshire has not escaped the tyranny of Congress.

New Hampshire’s U.S. Congressional Delegation of modern-day Democrat inquisitors are in the Trump impeachment corner because they’re all scared to go against their masters, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. But we have plenty of ammunition for 2020 by way of a winning group of Republican candidates running for U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.

We in N.H. are encouraged by the voices of voters saying it is time for a change. U.S. Rep Ann Kuster, a friend of the radical AOC and also the first-in-the-nation Congressperson who freely admitted she hides in the bathroom because she’s scared of Nancy Pelosi is now in a vulnerable position.

Nashua’s Steve Negron, who ran against her in 2018 and lost (he was outspent more than 6-1 against Kuster and her out of state money war chest) is back, and he is ready.

Negron stated to me recently, “Ann Kuster is in favor of abolishing the Electoral College, which would greatly impact New Hampshire voters. Small states like New Hampshire would lose all power, and big states like liberal California would, in effect, decide our next president.” He continues, “As Kuster campaigns for a fifth term in Washington, name one piece of legislation that she has put forward for New Hampshire. What has she done for New Hampshire?”

I asked Mr. Negron what his chances are for 2020 against Ann Kuster. He said, “Our chances are phenomenal. We learned a lot from 2018, we have name recognition; we have a powerful new leadership team, and we have the support of a coalition of Congressional leaders from all over the country. President Trump is going to bring out the voters in 2020, and it will resonate within state races, including ours.”

2020 will be the turning point for Steve Negron, and maybe that is why so many Democrats are up in arms. They are running scared.

Di Lothrop is a longtime Nashua resident and an activist in New Hampshire politics.

She also is the communications and events chair for the Nashua Republican City Committee and the campaign scheduler for Steve Negron for Congress.


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