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Shame on the Nashua School Board; changes are needed

By Kevin J. Scully | May 19, 2019

Liberals love to talk about a world where there is no bullying, but the progressives on the Nashua Board of Education appear to disagree. What else would you call Heather Raymond’s bullying action against Doris Hohensee, a sitting school board member who has done no wrong.

Board President Raymond issued a letter calling for Doris’ resignation. The letter was issued on board of education letterhead and Raymond used her title as board president when signing it.

The trouble is, there was never any public discussion by the BOE regarding the charges leveled against Ms. Hohensee. Doris was never given a chance to face her accusers and present evidence in her own defense. And the call for her resignation was never brought up for a vote. The letter published by Heather Raymond as board president, therefore, appears to be a clear violation of the Nashua Board of Education bylaws. Nashua BOE Policy BBAA – Board Member Authority states: “…The president shall have power only when by vote the board has delegated authority to him or her.”

I have read that Heather Raymond claims to have spoken with other board members behind the scenes, who agreed with her action, before issuing that letter. To my knowledge, none of the other board members have stepped forward to say that they were part of those secret conversations that could be in conflict with our state Right to Know law (RSA Chapter 91-A). I call on those members who Heather claims to have secretly spoken with to come forward and identify yourselves to the voting public.

For those not following this closely, Heather Raymond’s May 10 attack-letter was joined by a May 10 attack press release from the Nashua school Superintendent Jahmal Mosley on Nashua school letterhead, and a May 10 attack press release from the Nashua Teacher’s Union also calling for Doris’ resignation. Does anyone besides me find it more than coincidental that what should be three different, independent entities all came to the same conclusion and published their attacks on the same day? Was there collusion to orchestrate this attempted political hit? Hard questions need to be asked.

In her zeal to attack, Heather Raymond seems blind to the fact of how her actions appear to a reasonable person. It appears that the Nashua school board is not your independent watchdog of the educational process and budget. Instead, it appears that Heather, and the other board members she claims to have spoken with, are colluding with the very people they are supposed to oversee. Doris stands in the way of the radical social engineering experiments some wish to subject your children to. She also stands in the way of these same people reaching ever-further into your wallets without comment or objection. I believe those are the true reasons they want Doris forced out.

I have reviewed the publicly available facts of this case and have concluded that the charges against Ms. Hohensee fall apart under even cursory scrutiny. Ms. Hohensee’s accusers would be laughed out of a court of law, but I believe they are working in concert to destroy her in the court of public opinion. I think the progressive BOE members, the Nashua school superintendent, and Nashua Teacher’s Union are hoping that if they all yell loudly enough, and in unison, they will get their way. If they do get their way, the children of Nashua and we the taxpayers will suffer more.

By her action, Nashua BOE President Heather Raymond has proven herself unworthy of the honor and responsibility of the Nashua school board presidency. I call for her to immediately step down from that position.

People of Nashua, I hope this ugly episode has made clear to you that we have a toxic, dysfunctional school board. Doris Hohensee is a true champion for your children and your wallets, and she needs to stay. It is Heather Raymond that needs to go.

And while you are at it, for the sake of your children and your wallets, vote the other toxic progressives off the board, too, so that the intended purpose of independent oversight can be restored to the Nashua BOE.

Kevin J. Scully is a resident of Nashua.


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