A heartfelt thank you from the family of Nashua Alderman Brian McCarthy

Dear members of the Nashua community,

I’m writing to you today on behalf of my daughter, Kim, my son, John, and his wife, Alicia, and our extended family to take a few minutes to thank everyone that has offered support to us and our family over the past few months since the passing of my husband, late Alderman Brian McCarthy. So many people have reached out during this time, I don’t know if we can ever thank everyone personally. We are fortunate to be a part of such a caring community. It has been a difficult period of time for many. We know Brian’s passing has been felt not only by our family and friends, but by the community as well.

I’d first like to thank all of the first responders who came to Brian’s aide in Foxborough, uniformed or not, along with the emergency department at Norwood Hospital. To everyone in the Nashua community and beyond who extended their condolences, helped us with the services, sent flowers, cards, or food, Farwell Funeral Home, Fortin Gage Flowers, Edgewood Cemetery, the Nashua Fire Department, the Nashua Police Department, the staff at City Hall, the Mayor and members of the Board of Aldermen past and present, the Nashua School Department, San Francisco Kitchen, The Peddlers Daughter, Yvonne Dunetz and her production crew, Kieran McNally, and our neighbor, Rev. Gary Stearn, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

When Brian first ran for the Board of Aldermen, I’m not sure even he expected his tenure on the Board to last 25 years, though those that have known him longest don’t seem the least bit surprised. He first became involved with the city with an interest in wetlands protection and joined the ZBA. He was later encouraged to run for office. After being elected as the Ward 5 Alderman, he and fellow Alderman Kathy Hersh spent countless Saturday mornings walking the lands in the southwest quadrant and throughout the city. This ultimately resulted in the establishment of the wetlands ordinance and protected conservation land throughout Nashua.

As Brian became a more experienced member of the board, his interests turned towards larger city projects. He worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the Nashua North and South High Schools, making sure both schools provided equal opportunity for all students of Nashua, along with overseeing many construction projects at schools throughout the city. He was proud to have been instrumental in the purchase of Pennichuck Waterworks, an effort to ensure lower water prices for taxpayers. He saw the development of the Broad Street Parkway finally become a reality. His most recent efforts were focused on the development of a Performing Arts Center downtown, and a middle school renovation and construction project.

Brian’s agenda as an elected official was to make Nashua a great and enjoyable city for everyone to live and work in. He was always looking for the next idea that would help improve the city. From the wetlands protections, rail trails, public art, and new schools to Safe Stations, the farmers market, and the up and coming Performing Arts Center, there was always “something” he was working on. Each idea was not for himself, but for the betterment of the city he loved. So many of the efforts Brian undertook during his time in office would not have come to fruition without the ongoing support of the voters of Nashua.

Recently, on February 19, Brian was recognized for his 25 years of service and commitment to the City. We’d like to express our gratitude to Mayor Donchess, the Board of Aldermen, former board members, and members of the community who came out to show their appreciation in this tribute to Brian. He could not have accomplished so many of the things he did alone and many of these efforts required months, if not years of collaboration with so many others.

One common sentiment throughout the evening was that Nashua would not be the same without Brian’s service. He had an impact on so many aspects of the city and was a steadfast voice among his peers and constituents. His love and commitment to Nashua was almost unparalleled. We cannot emphasize that enough. Throughout the years he supported many of you, as you supported him. He supported your businesses, encouraged you to run for office or get involved, and attended many charitable functions and events (I would remiss to not mention that one of his favorite nights of the year was the annual Firefighter’s Ball). Together you shared a mission, values, and the same passion to make Nashua the best city that it can be. A twenty-five year tenure of any position, be it a job or as an elected official, is quite the feat in itself. That would not have been possible without your unwavering support. Thank you so much for allowing Brian to represent you for these past 25 years.

Most often, following a tragedy or loss, people reach out to offer support and ask what they can do to help, and many people in Nashua have done that. To honor his legacy, we ask that each of you continue to remain active within the community, always remember to vote, develop your visions and work on your passions that will help keep Nashua vibrant, thriving, and growing and to keep it one of the best places to live.

With sincere gratitude, Gloria McCarthy and the McCarthy Family.