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The Executive Council is powerful

By Sally Hatch - Concord | Sep 24, 2022

While canvassing for Cinde Warmington late this summer I actually learned quite a bit about the Executive Council, of which she is the only Democrat. I learned how important and powerful this council is, given that it was originally included in the NH Constitution to help keep our Governors from becoming too powerful. Back then, we were afraid of Kings. This council has power!

Right now the five member Executive Council is comprised of a 4-1 GOP majority siding with the extremist wing of the party. Consequently, the council has allowed Governor Sununu: to refuse $27 million in federal COVID aid; deny Planned Parenthood funding for women’s cancer screening; and appoint a NH Department of Education commissioner, who never went to public school, had no prior experience, or apparent interest, in public education, and has spent his tenure trying to undermine it. These are just a few of the unreasonable edicts Sununu has been able to muscle through the Executive Council with the help of his radical enablers.

Don’t skip this section on the ballot because you don’t know the names – Cinde Warmington has rounded up fantastic Democratic candidates to run for the Executive Council in this election. Vote for the Democrat in your Executive Council District! We have a chance to correct the imbalance which threatens healthcare and education (for example) for people living in New Hampshire.


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