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Cash-back carbon pricing

By Katharine Gage - Windham | Mar 22, 2020

Twenty-four New Hampshire towns, including Exeter, Plymouth, Windham and Londonderry, voted this week in support of asking our state and federal leaders to address climate change with cash-back carbon pricing legislation. Ten more towns will vote on the carbon cash-back warrant article in the coming months.

At the federal level, cash-back carbon pricing, now in the House of Representatives as the Energy Innovation Act (HR 763), will reduce U.S. climate pollution by 40% in 12 years and 90% in 30 years, while encouraging similar legislation around the world. In the first 10 years, it will create two million jobs across the country and save 300,000 lives. The Energy Innovation Act now has 80 bipartisan cosponsors, including New Hampshire Rep. Annie Kuster.

A similar cash-back carbon pricing bill at the state level, HB 735, will reduce New Hampshire’s carbon footprint, which will make us more competitive when there is a national carbon price. Additionally, this state legislation will serve as a model to accelerate federal action.

Please show your support for carbon-cash back:

1. Email your U.S. Congressmen: cclusa.org/write.

2. Call your state representatives and ask them to support HB 735.

3. If the New Hampshire Resolution to Address Climate Pollution warrant article will appear on your ballet in an upcoming election, vote YES and tell your friends.


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